Robocop: City of Villains – A Tribute to the Classic Movie and Action-Packed Game Experience

2023-11-04 01:00:00

“Robocop” is a classic movie of a generation. The game adaptation “Robocop: City of Villains” was recently launched. Although it is not a AAA-level production, it is enough to show the sincerity of the team and the investigation and tribute to the original work. Players play the role of Robocop. To enforce the law violently in Detroit, we must also build a good relationship with citizens and build a harmonious community. Three episodes of the movie “Robocop” were filmed. At that time, the script and performance techniques deeply impressed fans of science fiction action movies. Toy comics were also released, and there are still many fans today. This time it was adapted into a game. The production team specially recruited Peter Weller, who played Ironclad Veyron in the movie version, to become a digital character and voice actor. Some important roles were also taken from the movie version and reappeared. When watching the plot, you will have seen the movie version. Double down. The game is divided into investigation and combat 2 parts. Generally, you will first understand the mission at the police station, handle small branch tasks, etc., and then go to the target area to conduct on-site investigation. There will be many branch tasks in the middle. Players must maintain law and order, such as dealing with illegal parking. Cars, street graffiti, etc. must also be considerate of the public. When interrogating suspicious persons or facing citizens, answering different options will affect the results. If you have watched the movie version, you will feel that the answer logic is quite in line with the style of the movie version. Players have a considerable amount of time to investigate and collect evidence on the streets. They have to scan different items to find the next clue, which is quite like a scene in a movie. After that, they go to the enemy stronghold and the battle begins. Just like the movie version, the armored Veyron holds an AUTO 9 burst pistol and can easily headshot most gangsters. He can even bury himself to use iron fists and grab enemies and throw them, restoring the look and feel of the movie version, but he is not all the same. “Immortal”. Generally, enemies use small-caliber bullet pistols and rifles, which will slowly injure the player. You need to use a repair device to replenish blood. When facing grenades or ground-mounted machine guns, you must also make use of environmental bunkers, which feels like operating a humanoid tank into the battlefield. Players will gain experience points by completing more branches, collecting evidence, etc. in the level, and can gradually upgrade various abilities and pistols. It is challenging to complete all the requirements and conditions of the level. “Metal Dragon: Villain City” does a good job in restoring the gameplay and atmosphere, but the game engine has some rendering flaws, or the character dubbing is a little “dirty”. Fans who have impressions of the original movie are still worth playing. Price: HK$358 (PS5), HK$308 (Steam) Previous article Diablo IV expansion pack. Battlefield 2 Update BlizzCon 2023 Unveiled. A new departure for World of Warcraft. Entering the brain through the game, witnessing the mutual progress of 3D rendering technology and game engines, I firmly believe that the PC platform may become the biggest winner.

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