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On the occasion of the release of The Batmanthe new film starring the famous masked vigilante, Rocket League offers a brand new car. Designed in the secret labs of Wayne Enterprises, this Batmobile, brought up to date, offers a chassis that looks like an American big carmovie-accurate paint jobs, and a Goal Blast featuring the new Dark Knight symbol.

Batman is back in Rocket League

This new vehicle will be available in the in-game store from March 2 at 6 p.m. to March 9 at 3 a.m., in a bundle that will be sold for 1100 credits. Here is the content of this two pack:

    • Chassis (Hitbox Master) Batmobile (2022)
    • Batmobile Engine Sound (2022)
    • Peinture Dark Knight Matte
    • Batmobile Wheels (2022)
    • Turbo Batmobile (2022)
    • Batmobile Drag (2022)
    • Sticker Reel Life
    • Explosion de but Batman

Note that with the exception of the Batman Goal Blast, items included in The Batman bundle can only be equipped on the 2022 version of the Batmobile, which cannot be customized with additional items.

MTL Gotham City Rumble

The doors of Arkham Asylum are open and a wave of madness has once again swept through the arenas of Rocket League, transforming this noble game into a mode Gotham City Rumble implacable. In this MTL, power-ups work the same way as in Rumble, but are inspired by the many villains who have haunted Batman’s past. Multiply the easy clearances with the Joker boxing glovesoar through the air with the Poison Ivy vines or throw the ball behind you using the Bat-Grapnel. And don’t let them Clayface Piles score a goal.

Below is an overview of the 2022 Batmobile and its Goal Explosion.

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