Royce O’Neale sent to the Nets, but what’s going on in Brooklyn?

It was barely 9 p.m., the Tropezian’s digestion had barely begun… and Kevin Durant arrived to put a HUGE kick in the anthill. It seems that the air of Brooklyn suddenly displeases him, so Monsieur has asked for his trade, and in this little game of dominoes which promises to be completely crazy, it is therefore Royce O’Neale who is the first to fall. Head to the Nets for the 3 and D of Jazz!

But what the hell is going on in Brooklyn? Spoiler, when you read this paper water may have already flowed under the bridges between the Jazz and the Nets. The declaration – of war – by Kevin Durant on this opening night of Free Agency therefore had the immediate effect of seeing the Brooklyn franchise drop a first round of the Draft in order to recover Royce O’Neale, the big half-dozen of average pawns with the Jazz last season, holder of Quin Snyder for almost four years and accomplished and recognized soldier in Salt Lake City. Not the sharpest blade in the League, oh no, but a familiar face of the Mormon franchise moving and thus officially the first domino in the game created an hour ago by Kevin Durant.

What can be said about the O’Neale / Nets fit? Well obviously not much, because at this completely crazy start to the evening, nothing indicates that the winger with the blindfold will remain in Brooklyn for more than 24 hours. Royce is not a Rolls and will not replace KD, Royce probably does not know himself what sauce he will be eaten. Sorry huh, but the announcement of this trade finds itself drowned in another kind of news, much too powerful for him. We may talk about it again, but clearly Royce has a nice face of piston, nothing to do with Michigan but rather the kind of piston that jumps at the prelude of an incredible succession of Woj Bomb.

Five years in Utah are now watching Royce O’Neale go East, a first round is coming to the Jazz and that’s it? What will Jazz do with Rudy Gobert? With Mike Conley? AND WHAT WILL BROOKLYN DO? This evening is launched, and it is already much too hot.

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