Rubén Méndez, who was a candidate for mayor of San Carlos in 2021 (taking second place), and who intends to run again this year, ruled out the Chile Vamos forward from competing. This, within the framework of the statements of deputy Frank Sauerbaum (RN), who specified that Evópoli was already committed to competing in the possible primaries of the sector.

“In an act of transparency, I must point out that on Monday, April 8, I received a call from Deputy Sauerbaum. In a relaxed conversation (we had never spoken) he proposed that I participate in the primaries in his sector to have a single candidate. My response was clear and categorical: ‘I thank him for his invitation, but I must reject it, because I am not part of his conglomerate and my independence is impassable.’ After the conversation we said goodbye cordially, however today I appear involved in a primary of which I am not part,” said Méndez, who highlighted his independent candidacy, for which he must gather signatures.

“I reinforce the independent nature of my candidacy, not with the intention of excluding political blocs, but rather, being able to work with everyone in a harmonious manner and in favor of a better San Carlos,” he expressed.