Ruler of Dubai: The UAE is fine, and crises reveal the country’s strengths

Dubai – Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai, confirmed that his country is fine and safe as a result of “the keenness of the President of the State and the efforts of the specialized teams,” after the end of the strong air depression that struck the Emirates.

Al Maktoum wrote, in his official account on the “X” platform: “We thank God for His blessing and grace for the safety of everyone in the Emirates as a result of the exceptional weather condition that we experienced. Our country is in good health and safety with the follow-up, care and leadership of my brother, the President of the State, may God protect him, and with the efforts of sincere teams of citizens.” And residents that continue day and night.”

He added: “Crises reveal the strength of countries and societies, and the natural climate crisis that we went through demonstrated keenness, awareness, cohesion, and great love for every corner of the state from all its citizens and residents… May God protect the UAE and its society and perpetuate its glory, pride, and safety.”

Today, Thursday, the Ministry of the Interior, in coordination with the National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority, the National Center of Meteorology, and strategic partners, announced the end of the depression that affected various regions of the country, after the rains receded and the weather conditions gradually improved, while normal movement at Dubai International Airport gradually returned this morning after… There was confusion due to weather conditions.

The National Search and Rescue Center of the National Guard, in coordination and cooperation with the Ministry of Interior and strategic partners, carried out 136 search, rescue and medical evacuation operations for a number of individuals who were trapped due to flowing valleys, drowning and breakdown of vehicles, and rainwater entering buildings, during the past 24 hours of yesterday as a result of weather conditions that… witnessed by the Emirates.

The operations included 65 medical evacuation operations and 71 search and rescue coordination operations, where the trapped people were evacuated to a safe place, and the injured were transferred to hospitals to receive medical care.

The UAE witnessed large amounts of rain that caused torrents and floods in many areas, the largest since the beginning of recording climate data in 1949.

Source: RT

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2024-04-20 13:03:03

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