Ruling on Abortion Pill Access Upheld by Appeals Court Despite Limited Immediate Impact

2023-08-17 02:22:46

An appeals court on Wednesday upheld parts of a ruling limiting access to an abortion pill but the ruling will not have an immediate impact on the availability of the drug, mifepristone.

According to NBC News, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans, Louisiana, through a three-judge panel, said the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) failed to adequately consider noted security concerns when it made the pill easier to access in 2016.

While this ruling is a triumph for abortion opponents, the Justice Department is expected to appeal the decision.

In addition to this, the Supreme Court halted a few months ago the decision to limit access to the drug while the appeals process for which mifepristone remains available.

The judicial resolution, according to The Washington Post, dismisses as illegitimate the FDA’s decision to extend the period in which mifepristone can be taken to ten weeks of pregnancy, in addition to allowing it to be sent by mail and can be prescribed by healthcare professionals other than physicians.

Texas federal judge Matthew Kacsmaryk, nominated by former Republican President Donald Trump, ordered on April 8 to withdraw said authorization, which was appealed by the Biden government.

The reproductive services organization Planned Parenthood, which has the most extensive network of abortion clinics in the country, stressed in a statement that mifepristone is one of the two most commonly used drugs for medical abortion in the United States and that its availability is essential. to guarantee access to abortion.

Although it will continue to be available until the Supreme Court decides whether to hear the case and, if it does, it rules, that association urged not to lower our guard.

“The Supreme Court should reject this clearly unfounded and political attempt to interfere with our ability to obtain health services,” said its president and director, Alexis McGill, according to which pregnant women should be the ones who decide about their own health care.

In June 2022, the Supreme Court repealed the right to abortion in the US, legalized in the country in 1973 thanks to the “Roe v. Wade” ruling of that same court.

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