Unfair Traffic Violation Reporting: Clearing Misconceptions and Defending Drivers’ Rights

2023-08-17 03:17:22

The driver surnamed Zhang complained to this newspaper, suspecting that a whistle-blower deliberately created an “incivility violation incident” and only stretched out one foot to take a “group photo” with the vehicle with a wide-angle lens, which is obviously a crime. (Photo/provided by the public)

In order to sweep away the stigma of pedestrian hell, the new system of comity for cars and motorcycles to pedestrians was put on the road on June 30, but the new system is considered to be an overlord clause. Some people have to give way when they walk on the zebra crossing, which has caused numerous public complaints. Some drivers have complained to this newspaper It is suspected that some whistleblowers deliberately created “discomity and violation incidents”, and only stretched out one foot to take a “photo” with the vehicle with a wide-angle lens, which is obviously incriminating.

A driver surnamed Zhang in Hsinchu City complained to this newspaper, saying that he recently received a violation notice issued by the police. It was reported by the public that he did not give way to pedestrians when he drove a truck through the zebra crossing at the intersection of Jingguo Road and Guanghua Street in Hsinchu City in July this year. To be fined 6,000 yuan.

Zhang Nan felt deeply wronged after reviewing the photos posted by the report. He said that when he recalled that no pedestrians were going to cross the road at that time, his vehicle was photographed by the informant with his mobile phone and he did not give way to pedestrians. I wonder if the informant can still receive the bonus? Very unreasonable.

Zhang Nan returned to the scene where he was reported. He especially stood on the zebra crossing at the crossroads, showing a foot “waiting” on the zebra crossing. There were countless vehicles passing by in front of him. He took several photos on the spot. Violation. He said that there are only a few such photos to be taken.

On the one hand, he wants to defend himself, and he also appeals to his driving friends to pay special attention, otherwise he may be maliciously reported without knowing it. At the same time, he also hopes that the government will revise the bad policy of “public photo-taking and reporting”.

The Hsinchu City Police Department stated that there is no reward for the public to report traffic violations. Cars and motorcycles are banned from stopping to give way to pedestrians. 3 meters) and the front overhang of the car has entered the pedestrian crossing line as the criterion.

The police stated that the essential element for imposing a fine is that the pedestrian has indeed “walked” in the pedestrian crossing. After re-examining the continuous video data provided by the public reporting office, the facts of the violation are clear, and the police reported that there was no violation in accordance with the law. If the accused person has doubts about the facts of the report, he may state his opinion to the supervisory unit within 30 days, or file a lawsuit in the Administrative Litigation Division of the local court within 30 days after the verdict is served.

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