Tragic Fatal Accident on Chaussée de Marche in Neupré: Latest News and Updates

2023-11-29 19:57:40 A fatal accident took place this Wednesday around 6 p.m. in Neupré. It was already dark at that time. A Neupré man in his forties was along the Chaussée de Marche when, for a reason still unknown, a car hit him, killing him instantly. Very quickly, the Seraing-Neupré police arrived on the scene … Read more

Emergency Response in Fléron: Man Found Collapsed on rue du Bureau

2023-11-11 19:58:15 Saturday, around 6 p.m., a man was discovered on the ground on rue du Bureau, in Fléron, near the roundabout. The Liège firefighters intervened on site to carry out markings. An ambulance from Blegny also went to the scene. The exact circumstances of the facts are unclear. Indeed, according to the mayor of … Read more

Shocking Incident: Deliberate Act or Accident? Latest News Update

2023-09-27 16:08:54 This Monday, an accident occurred on the Dendermondsesteenweg in Wetteren, East Flanders. At least that’s what we thought. Because according to information from Latest newsthe accident was ultimately not one. The pedestrian who was hit by a driver was apparently the victim of a deliberate act. Still in critical condition, the 44-year-old’s life … Read more

Unprecedented Descent: The Virgen de la Montaña’s Crossing of the Southeast Round Bridge and Future Uncertainty

2023-09-04 05:33:30 It was one of the great novelties of the descent of the Virgen de la Montaña in 2022. The patron saint of Cáceres, whose descent to the city had been suppressed in the 2020 and 2021 editions due to the pandemic, crossed the bridge of the Southeast Round, inaugurated in 2021, and the … Read more

New Pedestrian Crossing Signals with Flashing Orange Lights: A Solution for Anticipating Safe Passage

2023-08-21 19:46:33 In the streets of Strasbourg, new signals have appeared near pedestrian crossings. This is a new type of warning, which, thanks to a flashing orange light, makes it possible to better anticipate crossing the passage. Indeed, as Sophie Dupressoir, municipal councilor in charge of the cycling and walkable city, points out, this signal … Read more

Unfair Traffic Violation Reporting: Clearing Misconceptions and Defending Drivers’ Rights

2023-08-17 03:17:22 The driver surnamed Zhang complained to this newspaper, suspecting that a whistle-blower deliberately created an “incivility violation incident” and only stretched out one foot to take a “group photo” with the vehicle with a wide-angle lens, which is obviously a crime. (Photo/provided by the public) In order to sweep away the stigma of … Read more

Rising Road Deaths in Wallonia and Brussels: The Need for Road Safety Awareness

2023-08-02 17:47:18 Posted on Thursday, July 13, 2023 at 2:55 p.m. According to the Road Safety Barometer established by the Vias Institute, the number of road deaths increased sharply last year in 2022, in Wallonia (+22%) and in Brussels, where it rose from 6 to 21 deaths. . of videos On the other hand, Flanders … Read more

Risk of Collapse at Mons Pedestrian Area Building: Updates and Analysis

2023-07-27 19:34:25 Since early Thursday evening, the bottom of the Mons pedestrian area has been blocked at numbers 32 and 34 (opposite the old Club, a stone’s throw from the Passage du Centre). “We noted a risk of collapse in the commercial maternity building which belongs to the City. The police and firefighters intervened and … Read more