New Pedestrian Crossing Signals with Flashing Orange Lights: A Solution for Anticipating Safe Passage

2023-08-21 19:46:33

In the streets of Strasbourg, new signals have appeared near pedestrian crossings. This is a new type of warning, which, thanks to a flashing orange light, makes it possible to better anticipate crossing the passage. Indeed, as Sophie Dupressoir, municipal councilor in charge of the cycling and walkable city, points out, this signal makes it possible to clearly indicate whether or not there is time left to cross the passage. “It gives a very clear indication”, she confides to the microphone of our colleagues from RTL Info. “You have time to cross. But it’s a short time and the light will turn red.

And in Belgium?

In Strasbourg, the city is testing the device for two years, before deciding whether it will remain in place or not. But can we soon see this signal in Belgium? According to VIAS spokesman Benoît Godart, these lights seem like a good idea. “More and more pedestrians, when they cross, have their gaze on their mobile phone or have headsets,” he explains to RTL. “They are less and less attentive to traffic lights”.

However, to see these lights in Belgium, the Highway Code must be modified.

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