Emergency Response in Fléron: Man Found Collapsed on rue du Bureau

2023-11-11 19:58:15 Saturday, around 6 p.m., a man was discovered on the ground on rue du Bureau, in Fléron, near the roundabout. The Liège firefighters intervened on site to carry out markings. An ambulance from Blegny also went to the scene. The exact circumstances of the facts are unclear. Indeed, according to the mayor of … Read more

Detecting Type 2 Diabetes with AI: a Breakthrough in Voice Analysis

2023-10-25 14:45:39 From the series: Freshly researched Listen to loudspeaker articles Ten seconds of spoken text should be enough to detect type 2 diabetes using artificial intelligence. © Hanka Steidle/plainpicture The sound of the voice reveals a lot about a person – if you take artificial intelligence (AI) into account, even their medical history. AI … Read more

Quark: The Potential Anti-Inflammatory Benefits of Cottage Cheese Explained

2023-06-30 12:51:00 The question of whether cottage cheese helps against inflammationis not finally answered. There is some evidence that Quark may have anti-inflammatory properties, especially when applied externally to the skin. The cooling and calming effect Quark can help reduce swelling and redness. So far, however, there are no adequate scientific studies, which provide a … Read more

Eggcellent Nutrition: The Benefits of Incorporating Eggs into Your Diet for a Healthier You

2023-06-12 04:00:00 eggs are one versatile and healthy foodthat you can integrate into your balanced diet. They are reich an high quality protein, essential nutrients and healthy fats. While the high cholesterol content in eggs used to be considered a problem, today its impact on blood cholesterol levels is considered limited. Most people can therefore … Read more

“Unraveling the Mystery of Shingles: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments”

2023-05-05 12:38:55 More and more people in this country have to be treated for shingles. Does the chickenpox or corona vaccination increase the zoster virus diseases? Or is it the stress that weakens the immune system? A search for the cause. Before the small, bulging blisters form on the body, the pain often begins. It … Read more

What are trans fats?

Trans fats are the bogeyman of fats. It is a matter of unhealthy fatty acids, the fats you should avoid. trans fats arise wheneverhealthy vegetable oils hardened by industrial processing. During this process, the liquid oil becomes a lubricating grease. In addition, trans fats when oils are heated very strongly. This is the case, for … Read more