ÖAMTC on the new EU driving license directive: Committee report is far from being an EU law!

2023-09-19 15:31:12 Mobility Club expects a “realistic and contemporary solution” for mobile people Vienna (OTS) – In the current discussion about the planned EU directive for more safety in car traffic, the ÖAMTC gives the all-clear: “A committee report does not make a law,” says Bernhard Wiesinger, head of the ÖAMTC advocacy group. The ÖAMTC … Read more

Elisabeth Borne announces the lowering to 17 of the age to pass the driving license

2023-06-20 16:40:35 By Le Figaro with AFP Posted 48 minutes ago, Updated 15 minutes ago ” data-script=” > The measure will come into force in January 2024. The Prime Minister underlined the “real plus” for young apprentices. Several associations expressed their hostility. The government will lower the age for driving alone from 2024 to 17, … Read more

Korosec: “Restricting older people’s mobility has an enormous negative impact on their quality of life!”

2023-05-20 11:31:04 President of the Seniors’ Association continues to fight against age-discriminatory plans by the EU Commission for mandatory driving tests from the age of 70. Vienna (OTS) – On the occasion of today’s discussion, Senior Citizens’ Association President Ingrid Korosec renewed her clear no to the age-discriminatory plans of the EU Commission to introduce … Read more

“Everything You Need to Know About Obtaining a B196 Driver’s License for 125 Two-Wheelers”

2023-03-20 07:00:00 In the first three years after the new regulation came into force on January 1, 2020, around 185,000 holders of a car driver’s license took the opportunity to obtain a driver’s license for the 125 two-wheeler class with the help of a few driving and theory lessons. As reported by the Federal Motor … Read more

ÖAMTC Fahrtechnik: 20 years of multi-phase – second driver’s license training phase is having an effect

81 percent decrease in killed car drivers between the ages of 17 and 24 Vienna (OTS) – In 2003, the multi-stage multi-phase training including driver safety training and traffic psychology group discussion was introduced by law in Austria. One goal of the program: to reduce the number of accidents, especially in the group of young … Read more