I drank on March 8, and drunk now – the traffic police stopped a strange driver in Grodno

During the inspection, the inspectors found clear signs of alcohol intoxication in the driver. The medical examination showed 1.3 ppm of alcohol in the body of a man. According to the driver, the last time he consumed 1 liter of beer was on March 8. Now he faces a fine of 7,400 Belarusian rubles and … Read more

Benjamin Pavard loses his driver’s license after drunk driving

The FC Bayern defender was caught in the summer of 2022 with a blood alcohol content of 1.4. He avoided a court hearing at the last second. Bayern star Benjamin Pavard settled out of court for his drunk driving last summer. This was announced by the Munich district court on Wednesday morning. Pavard was stopped … Read more

The impact screen is exposed! A 29-year-old drunk woman hits “Bentley, Mustang, Luxtek” and wakes up crying-Society-China Times News Network

A 29-year-old drunk woman hits “Bentley, Mustang, and Lucky” repeatedly, and may face huge compensation when she wakes up. (Photo by Chen Huiwen) A woman in her 20s hit “Bentley + Mustang + Lucky” while drunk and driving, and the impact was exposed instantly. (Reprinted by Chen Huiwen) (The source of the video is Youtube, … Read more

Outrageously drunk!The citizen’s elevated block exploded into a parking lot, but he “drunk driving” and fell asleep on the road-Society-China Times News

On the evening of the 14th of this month, the citizens’ elevated block exploded into a parking lot, which was actually caused by his “drunk driving” while sleeping on the road. (Photo by Ye Tingxin) Outrageously drunk! The citizen’s elevated block exploded into a parking lot, but he was “drunk driving” sleeping on the road … Read more

“The fetus was knocked out” and the pregnant woman died!Drunk driving fiancé collapses sobriety-International-China Times News

A drunk-driving man on Staten Island, New York, threw his pregnant fiancée into the air and knocked a 7-month-old fetus out of her womb and onto the ground to her death. A horrific drunk-driving car accident occurred in the early morning of the 28th in Staten Island, New York. A seven-month-old pregnant woman sitting in … Read more

Zhang Shanzheng spoke after being bombarded by blue and green! 6,000 netizens poured in and shouted “3 words” – Politics – Zhongshi News

The pipe burst at the Sankeng pumping station in Longtan District, Taoyuan City, and more than 330,000 households in South Taoyuan were cut off. After eating and drinking, after 5 hours, he drove to inspect the water situation by himself. Zhang clarified that he only had to “sip a couple of sips” and would be … Read more