Russian attacks on the eastern and southern front are intensifying – 2024-02-21 07:53:21

Ukraine today reported dozens of Russian attacks on its eastern and southern fronts, a day after the Ukrainian president declared an “extremely difficult” situation for his forces, which are short of ammunition and US aid after nearly two years of war.

The attacks take place while the Ukraine marks the 10th anniversary of the deaths of dozens of protesters in Kiev during the Maidan Revolution, which led to the fall of the country’s Moscow-backed leadership. This uprising also marked the beginning of the annexation of Crimea by the Russia in southern Ukraine.

“It is 10 years since (the start of) efforts aimed at destroying us and destroying our independence,” the Ukrainian president said today Volodymyr Zelensky on Facebook.

“But we endured 10 years ago and we will continue to do so today,” he added.

Russia “is trying to make us its colony, but it has not achieved its goal. We will win,” said the chief of staff of the presidency, Andriy Germak.

Ukraine: 84 Russian attacks were recorded in the last 24 hours

In a statement this morning, the general staff of Ukraine’s armed forces said at least 84 Russian attacks were recorded in the past 24 hours, assuring that all were “intercepted” by the Ukrainian military.

The attacks came after Moscow forces seized the town of Avdiyivka in the Donetsk region on Saturday, days before the start of the third year of the war that began with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022.

While Russian activity has clearly decreased around Abdiivka itself – 9 attacks have been recorded – 21 attacks took place near Mariinka, southwest of Abdiivka, 14 in the Bakhmut region (east) and 11 in the Zaporizhia region (south).

In the region of Avdiyivka, “the Russians are regrouping, they have achieved their tactical objectives” and “they will probably transfer units to other areas,” Ukrainian army spokesman Dmytro Likovy said yesterday.

“The situation is extremely difficult in many places on the front line, where the Russian troops have gathered the largest number of their reserves,” Zelensky said yesterday, Monday evening.

“They are taking advantage of the delay in aid to Ukraine,” he added as Kiev continued to be without critical military aid from the USA of $60 billion, which is blocked in Congress.

Kiev is short of artillery ammunition, anti-aircraft defense and long-range weapons. The army is also struggling to replenish its ranks after the failure of its counter-offensive in the summer of 2023.

In this context, President Zelensky thanked today Sweden which announced new military aid to Ukraine, in the form of equipment, amounting to approximately 633 million euros.

On a visit to Japan, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal said today that he believes the US Congress will release the long-awaited aid.

“I believe that the US will also support Ukraine, like the European Union, like Japan, like all the G7 countries, the IMF and all the international economic organizations,” he said at a press conference in Tokyo.

Need for everything

“We cannot talk about fatigue because it is an existential war. You cannot be tired when you are fighting for your future, your life … for the global security order,” he said, when asked about “Ukraine’s fatigue.”

On the ground, Svyatoslav Yaremenko, who fought against the separatists in 2014 and then rejoined the army after the invasion on February 24, 2022, told AFP that “after two years of war, the fatigue has accumulated.”

“I think we have to keep fighting for several more years,” he said, “that will depend on how much our Western partners help us.”

“We have many needs: armored vehicles, weapons, ammunition. We need everything,” said the soldier from the eastern city of Kostiantynivka, not far from the front.

According to iefimerida, Moscow’s forces are continuing their almost daily shelling of areas far from the fighting.

Five civilians were killed in a Russian strike on a village in the Sumy region, located in the northeastern part of Ukraine, on the border with Russia, as the Ukrainian army announced today. For its part, the anti-aircraft defense announced that it destroyed last night 23 drones with explosives, Shahed type, of Iranian design, which Russia launched towards various regions of Ukraine.

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