Three last performances for Telemachus Tsardakas Night Lessons at the act theater – 2024-02-21 07:54:05

The act theater announces the last 3 shows for the Night Classes.

For the needs of the new play by Telemachus Tsardakas (Under the Stars, The Dog of Orion, The Persisting Girl) entitled “Night Lessons”, which has already been loved by the theater-loving public of Patras, the act is turned into a night centre.

The last shows will be played on Wednesday 21st, Thursday 22nd and Thursday 29th February at 21.30.

A story about truths and lies between friends set in a nightclub environment against the background of the atmosphere and music of the eighties. And even with the act theater renovated, with new comfortable seats and small tables, in a completely unique configuration that has surprised and reminds something of the boutiques that thrived on the Gerokostopoulou Stairs.

Spectators even have the opportunity to watch the show while enjoying their drink.

The actors interpret: Takis Tsitsas, Kostas Koutroumbis, Georgia Iliopoulou and Dora Tsagas.

Patras: Three last performances of Telemachus Tsardakas' Night Lessons at the act theater

The text and direction are signed by Telemachos Tsardakas. Dramaturgy consultant Artemis Grybla. The costumes are designed by Maria Vasilaki and the lighting by Ioannis Anastasopoulos. Hairstyling by Nikos Zakas, makeup by Iliana Valsamakis, rehearsal photos by Dimosthenis Christopoulos. Production assistant Mary Zagla. Valuable additional narrative material was provided by Iraklis Tzavellas. Valuable help was provided by Zakelina Kyrousi, Marimilli Asimakopoulou, Christos Sotiropoulos, Christos Gourdoupis and Christos Moutouris.

Night classes between friends:

In a nightclub two friends are talking. The great experiences of life, the great loves, the fights, the fear of death. Everything is laid out on the table among drinks, gardenias and cigarettes. In some relationships there are no secrets. But darkness? Is there darkness in male friendships?

Patras: Three last performances of Telemachus Tsardakas' Night Lessons at the act theater

The search for happiness, our ridiculousness and what our Greek families burden us with. PASOK, the epic of Gilgamesh and the bones of the dead. How real is the truth? Are there lies between close friends? Stamatis Kokotas, Rita Sakelariou and Stratos Dionysiou. Betrayal, existentialism and a very specific bouquet of white cyclamen. After all, how well do you know the person you tell everything to? And all these women from the past, what are they doing in this particular shop on this particular night? A comedy full of dalkas and twists about the night and its stories.

The last remaining show dates and times are as follows:
Wednesday 21 February at 21.30
Thursday 22 February at 21.30
Thursday 29 February at 21.30

Patras: Three last performances of Telemachus Tsardakas' Night Lessons at the act theater

The show is not suitable for minors. Spectators are allowed to drink alcohol at the show. For the needs of the show, the actors smoke on stage.

The performance is held under the auspices and with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

Show ID:
Text-Direction: Telemachos Tsardakas
Additional narrative material: Heraklis Tzavellas
Dramaturgy consultant: Artemis Grybla
Costumes: Maria Vasilaki
Lighting design: Ioannis Anastasopoulos
Performed by: Takis Tsitsas, Kostas Koutroubis, Georgia Iliopoulou, Dora Tsaga
Music editing: Telemachos Tsardakas
Production Assistant: Mary Zagla
Photos: Demosthenes Christopoulos
Production: AMKE Kantharos – Theater act

Patras: Three last performances of Telemachus Tsardakas' Night Lessons at the act theater

At the Act Theater (Gerokostopoulou Stairs, Patras)
Duration: 90′
Tickets: €14 (regular) €10 (reduced)
Information-reservations: 2610272037 & 6936122263
Drinks are available at the show
Advance ticket purchase:

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