Russian Occupation and Vaccine Accusations in Melitopol: The Truth Revealed

2023-11-08 20:04:20

By finding his intervention in its entirety, broadcast by the Ukrainian channel Pershyi on October 28 and available on its Telegram channel, we even discover that he says the opposite. He actually accused Russian forces of being behind this massacre.

As a reminder, this Ukrainian town in the Zaporizhia region has been under Russian occupation since the first days of the war. On this territory, the authorities installed by Moscow are deploying their influence, fueling rumors from the Ukrainian side. Last May, the mayor of Melitopol had, for example, already accused the Kremlin of organizing a “medical blackmail” in hospitals by refusing to provide medical assistance to anyone who does not present Russian passports. Now, the Ukrainian elected official goes further, indicating that four residents died from a mysterious “vaccine that the enemy injects into our inhabitants”.

An accusation that the mayor, in exile, however, has not supported with any evidence and for which he has not specified the name of the product in question. The kyiv authorities have not communicated on this subject. It is therefore impossible to know whether this is an accusation against the Sputnik V vaccine, which has not been authorized by the European Union due to the lack of transparent data on its effectiveness and safety.

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