First knockout?? Russia talks to destroy two state-of-the-art HIMARS rocket systems sent by the United States to Ukraine Kiev quickly denied it was “fake news”.

Russia’s Defense Ministry said on Wednesday it had destroyed two state-of-the-art US-made HIMARS multi-barreled rocket launchers, as well as an ammunition depot. in the eastern … Read more

Loan for the people, Government Savings Bank, quick loan 50,000 – 200,000 baht, GSB released the latest loan Check first, don’t be fooled!

latest savings loan Government Savings Bank releases loans for people, quick loans 50,000 – 200,000 baht who wants borrow money applypayday loan Alright, don’t be … Read more

wearing sanitary napkins for a long time Does not increase the risk of cervical cancer warning don’t be fooled

partWear the same sanitary pads for a long time without changing a new one. This may result in a risk of bacterial or fungal infection. … Read more

Monkey smallpox is not released from the lab. No country has locked down yet.

The genetic sequence we have so far for all viruses traces back to the disease strain.monkey poxthat are often spread in West Africa “That tells … Read more