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Dad asked for leave for his son and let him play on his mobile phone for 17 hours. (Picture/return to Beijing time)

Who has suffered after playing for so long? Recently, a father in mainland China discovered that his son was still playing on his mobile phone at 1:00 in the morning. He directly asked for leave for his son and let him play for 17 hours. Some netizens directly said that he used this trick on children, but it was useless afterward.

According to a “Beijing Time” report, a man surnamed Huang in Shenzhen saw that his son was up at 1 am and was still addicted to mobile games, so he asked for leave directly to let his son have fun. Huang Nan said that he was very angry when he saw it, so he supervised his son playing with his mobile phone until after 6 o’clock the next night, and he could go to the bathroom to drink water in the middle. In the end, his son played for 17 hours. Huang Nan said that his son usually has good grades and good physical fitness, which is why he treated him like this. After that, his son even signed a letter of guarantee in English to admit his mistakes.

According to the “Metropolis Times” report, the son fell asleep at 1:00 noon because he had been playing for 12 hours, but Huang Nan woke him up to continue playing. Huang Nan said that his son should not want to touch the phone again in a short time. As soon as this article came out, netizens commented “I also used this trick on my child. If I don’t sleep with him to play with him at night, it will be useless later”, “It’s a helpless move”, “No, it’s just that I don’t want to play for a while Yes, the tasks refreshed on the second day, new activities and so on, will not affect the enthusiasm later.”

There are also netizens who think that “behavior without any meaning, compare your heart with your heart, can you put down your phone completely after playing for more than ten hours by yourself”, “it is probably useless”, “don’t underestimate the ability of young people to stay up late”, “this It’s a reward.”

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