Saihat 2 Health Center confirms safety after evacuation due to air conditioning issue – Deira Bay

2023-06-04 15:09:09

Zainab Ali – Deira Bay

Dr. Hadi Sheikh Nasser, Executive Director of Health Care in Qatif, confirmed the safety of the Saihat 2 health center and its return to work after the civil defense started inspecting it and ensuring that the center was safe from fire.
Saihat 2 Health Center had evacuated the center from the patients and staff today, after fumes escalated from some air-conditioning devices, in the interest of everyone’s safety.
Dr. Hadi stated in his interview with Deira Bay that what happened was a misunderstanding, and there was no fire, but just dust from the air conditioning vent, but fearing for the safety of the auditors and the health staff, the center was evacuated until the nature of the problem was ascertained. Of course, the site was inspected by the Civil Defense and the Maintenance Department, and it was confirmed by The absence of a fire, which allowed the return of work after making sure that the center was free of damage.

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