Sarah Al-Wadaani: The Untold Story of Her Relationship and Journey to Love

2023-08-28 04:02:41

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Sarah Al-Wadaani, a beautician and celebrity on Snapchat, revealed the story of getting to know her husband and being associated with him.

Al-Wadani said, through the “Yassir Khair” program, that she got to know Abu Saad through working with him, noting that she made an advertisement for him, and after 4 months she worked with him in an exhibition.

She explained that during the work period, she did not know his name, “Abdul Wahhab,” and she used to call him “Ibrahim,” noting that he did not correct her name.

She added that she made an announcement to him in the month of 3 and at the end of the month of 10, saying: When he saw me during this period, he thought that I was the salvation of his wife, and he contacted my brother Abdullah, and we got engaged after two months because my brother did not respond to him quickly.

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