saudi expatriates news, Saudi Arabia deported 11,031 expatriates including Indians within a week; 15,713 more people arrested – saudi arabia deported 11 031 expatriates including indians within a week

RIYADH: The Ministry of Interior has announced that 15,713 people have been arrested in the past week alone during the search conducted by various security agencies to find illegal residents and other law breakers. From November 17 to November 23, during the checks conducted by the security agencies, so many people were arrested from different parts of the country. The Ministry of Home Affairs said that the checks were conducted jointly by various security forces and the General Directorate of Passports (Jawasat) and that joint checks will be intensified in the coming days.

11,031 expatriates were deported within a week

Meanwhile, authorities also informed that 11,031 expatriates, including Indians who were previously arrested from various regions and awaiting proceedings, were deported from Saudi Arabia during the last one week. Officials informed that those who were arrested earlier were sent to their home countries after completing the procedures. Officials also informed that 53,629 persons arrested in the past few months for various violations of the law are awaiting legal proceedings in deportation centers. Out of them 49,068 are male and 4,561 are female. The cases of 42,513 persons have been forwarded to their respective diplomatic offices for verification of their repatriation documents. Officials also informed that the procedures related to reservation of tickets to the country are in progress in the case of 2,091 people awaiting deportation.

9,131 people were arrested for violating residency rules

According to the Ministry of Interior, the majority of expatriates were arrested for staying in Saudi Arabia in violation of residency rules. According to the Ministry of Home Affairs, 9,131 people have been arrested for such violations. 4,166 people were arrested for violating border protection laws and 2,416 people were arrested for labor law violations. Raksha Sena arrested 439 people in the border areas while trying to enter the country through illegal means. Of these, 78 percent are Yemenis, 16 percent are Ethiopians, and the remaining 6 percent are from other countries. The Border Security Force also arrested 37 people for trying to enter the country illegally without the necessary documents. Security officials also arrested 25 people who provided shelter and provided transportation to illegal residents.

15 years imprisonment and 10 lakh fine for violations

Officials have warned that 15 years in prison and a fine of 10 lakh Riyals await those who commit such violations and those who cooperate with them. The Ministry of Home Affairs also stated that the buildings that housed them and the vehicles used to help them will be confiscated and their names will be published in the local media. The Ministry of Home Affairs has also stated that those who have information about such illegal residents and law breakers should hand over the information to the security agencies. Those in Makkah and Riyadh regions should call the toll-free number 911 and those in the rest of the region should call 996 and 999.

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