Scandal in French Cinema: Allegations of Moral Harassment Against the Legendary Lady Companion

2023-07-07 09:04:59
The lady companion of the legend of French cinema is notably accused of moral harassment, which her lawyer denied en bloc this Friday, July 7. She will also file a complaint for “aggravated voluntary violence” during her expulsion from the residence of Alain Delon on Wednesday.

Hiromi Rollin, presented as Alain Delon’s companion and targeted by two complaints from the actor’s children, in particular for acts of moral harassment, rejects all the charges against her, her lawyer said on Friday July 7. “Madame Rollin disputes all of the facts with which she is charged and which have been widely publicized in the press”, wrote Me Yassine Bouzrou in a press release, the day after the opening of a preliminary investigation following the two complaints filed. by the three children of Alain Delon against this sexagenarian.

According to information from Parisian Friday, Hiromi Rollin would have been expelled Wednesday from the residence of Douchy-Montcorbon (Loiret), which the actor had acquired in the 1970s. “Madame Rollin will file a complaint against members of the Delon family and bodyguards for the aggravated willful violence suffered on July 5, 2023 and confirmed by a medical certificate”, added Me Bouzrou.

“Disparaging and aggressive attitude”

That same day, the prosecution had been “recipient of two complaints from the Delon family” against Hiromi Rollin, designated as the “company woman” of the sacred monster, 87 years old, had specified the prosecutor. The first complaint, submitted by the council of the three Delon children (Anthony, Anouchka and Alain-Fabien), targets facts of “moral harassment, misappropriation of correspondence and animal abuse”, according to the magistrate.

The children denounce the “disparaging and aggressive attitude” of Hiromi Rollin against Alain Delon and his children, as well as “his actions tending to capture for his benefit the letters and telephone messages of this one and the blows to Alain Delon’s dog”. According to the prosecution, Alain Delon associated himself with it “by declaration signed and attached to the complaint”. A second complaint was filed Monday by the eldest son, Anthony Delon, in a Paris police station, also targeting Hiromi Rollin for acts of moral harassment, violence against vulnerable people and abuse of weakness, in particular.

The children’s lawyer, Me Christophe Ayela, had indicated on Wednesday that since the cardiovascular accident of the star in 2109, Hiromi Rollin “settled at home” and “has never ceased to isolate Alain Delon from relatives, friends and family, using tricks and threats”.

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