PS5: this ultra-violent and controversial horror game can be approached “for free”, but for PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers

2023-07-07 07:39:27

PS5 game news: this ultra-violent and controversial horror game can be approached “for free”, but for PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers

Published on 07/07/2023 at 09:39

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If you’re a PlayStation Plus Premium subscriber, then you get access to two-hour trials of a whole host of games. Regularly, Sony adds new titles and the last to be proposed was widely talked about last year.

PlayStation Plus, a three-tier service

Last year, Sony redesigned its PlayStation Plus to better suit today’s demand (and, somewhere, also compete with Xbox Game Pass as it can) with three levels available to players. The first level is the PlayStation Plus Essential, which is simply the old formula with the ability to play online and several games given away each month.

The second tier is the PlayStation Plus Extra, which also gives access to a large catalog of PS5 and PS4 video games with, in particular, some big Sony exclusives. A decidedly interesting offer.

The third and final tier is PlayStation Premium, which gives access to all this, but also to PSP/PSone games via an emulator, as well as PS3 games in the cloud. There is also another serviceincluding free video game trials.

The idea, is to start a game from a list pre-established by Sony and to be able to play it freely for two hours, beyond which access will become chargeable. Obviously, it is possible to buy the title to unlock the game and continue it, right where you left off.

The return of The Callisto Protocol

So Sony’s newest addition to these gaming trials is The Callisto Protocol., a survival-horror which caused controversy last year for its ultra-violence, with gruesome executions and its oppressive atmosphere. This had even earned him a ban on sales in Japan!

In addition, the game, concocted by the director of Dead Space himself, had unfortunately been talked about for its tumultuous release, with an experience that did not meet expectations and especially for a buggy PC version on which players were tearing themselves apart. the hair.

Since then, the developers of the brand new Striking Distance studio have had time to correct their errors, removing bugs and even improving certain systems with updates, making the game smoother and more enjoyable with new game +. If there is therefore a good time to try it, it’s now, after many updates.

The start of a franchise?

After shaking the industry with Dead Space, Glen Schofield wanted to do it again with The Callisto Protocol and it shows: we play Jacob Lee, a pilot who finds himself locked up in Black Iron prison, on Callisto. The latter is a dead moon of Jupiter, with a hostile climate and whose prison in question can also be seen invaded by the Biophages, very creepy monsters determined to turn you into mash.

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Schofield has never hid from wanting to make it a franchise and besides, the rather open end and the universe actually suggest that a second opus is in preparation. First of all, sales will have to be there, the software having been particularly expensive with a staggering budget of $162 million.

At JV, we gave it a score of 15/20. “Despite a certain lack of audacity, Striking Distance managed to steal Saturn’s rings in order to slip them on the ring fingers of sci-fi horror lovers. Fasten your asteroid belt, the Space Mountain gore will shake you, when well even the journey would turn out to be as imperfect as it is classic”could explain this dear Carnbeee in his test, available at this address.

Buy The Callisto Protocol from €18.99 on Amazon

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