Schlager Star Beatrice Egli Talks Candidly About Florian Silbereisen: Do Rumors of a Relationship Reignite?

2023-09-02 19:17:52
Schlager star Beatrice Egli talks about Florian Silbereisen and ensures that the recurring rumors about a relationship reignite.

Beatrice Egli and Florian Silbereisen seem to be very close because the two Schlager stars spent a lot of time together.

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And the rumor mill about the two stars is now entering the next round. But this time it was the beautiful singer from Switzerland herself who made sure of it.

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In a “taff” interview, she spoke about the Corona period and Florian Silbereisen, because everyone wants to know if they are now lovers:

“I am happy”

“We were actually completely united throughout the pandemic. Since no audience was possible on his show, I was his co-host and we’ve been through all these shows together.”

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And further: “I think our looks say a lot, I’m happy!” Beatrice Egli clarifies. The beautiful blonde has never commented so openly on Silbereisen.

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But are the two hit stars really in a relationship? Beatrice remains silent about this.

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