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Christian Campigli

A city that wants to change. A vote that will certainly have enormous national significance. A survey that has created growing anxiety among the Dems. A statistical survey by EMG, carried out for Italia Viva, has come like a bolt from the blue, highlighting how the distance between moderates and progressives in Florence is fading. 66% of residents are aware that elections will take place in June; a figure to which must be added a further 22% who answered “probably yes”.

Cecilia Strada and Annunziata leaders of the Democratic Party: and there are those who wanted Cecchettin

Yet another demonstration that, on the banks of the Arno, there is great anticipation to designate Dario Nardella’s heir. Sara Funaro (centre-left exponent) is calibrated at 40% dry. At 32% the former director of the Uffizi, Eike Schmidt, who will run for the center-right. This is a truly sensational fact. Not only because of the distance between the two, of just eight points, but above all because the German art historian has not yet been officially presented (the party for his candidacy will be held on April 6th). With an intelligent electoral campaign, that gap could narrow by at least two or three percentage points. Going to the ballot (as certain as the sun rising and setting the following day) with a distance of less than five points would open up scenarios that were unimaginable up until six months ago.

Huge figure: Nardella in Draghi's sights.  And the end-of-term email appears

In third place is the very Renzian Stefania Saccardi, with an encouraging 17.5%. Behind him Dmitrij Palagi, radical left, at 7%; the group ends with the candidate, still unknown, of the group which will be headed by the rector Tomaso Montanari. Among the parties, the Democratic Party leads the way with a disappointing 25.5%, followed by Fratelli d’Italia (16%) and Italia Viva (10.5%).

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