Season 19 Episode 24: The Grand Finale | Episode 24 | Season 19 | Farmer is looking for a wife

The grand finale of Bauer sucht Frau is within reach. Helmut is preparing a very special surprise for his Petra…

Elena is about to talk to Robert, the clever sheep farmer, and is quite excited. How did things continue between her and Robert after the court week?

Rudi, the smart young farmer, seeks a conversation with Erwin and Martin before speaking to Arabella. He tells that he is no longer with Isabella. Why did young love fail?

Alex, the capable vegetable farmer, has calmed down after his unsuccessful pronunciation and is now ready for his blind date. Marie came specially to get to know the young farmer. Does Alex use his second chance?

Finally the time has come. The big season finale of Bauer sucht Frau is appropriately introduced by the Fäaschtbänklern. But the real highlight is yet to come. In front of a sea of ​​burning torches, Helmut gathers all his courage and performs his a cappella song to his Petra and kneels in front of her to ask all the questions. But will Petra really say “yes”?

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