Sebastián Marser accused of ordering the murder of Marcelo Pecci

They accuse the Uruguayan narco Sebastián Marser of ordering the murder of prosecutor Marcelo Pecci
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Drug trafficker Sebastián Marser is listed as one of the masterminds of the murder of fiscal Marcelo Pecci, while on their honeymoon in Barú, a beach 45 minutes by boat from Cartagena, Colombia.

The statement of one of the detainees in the case It served so that the Colombian, American and Paraguayan authorities, who participate in the investigation, gave the profile of this 31-year-old subject.

Francisco Luis Correa Galeano, 43, testified that two Colombians, who are dedicated to drug trafficking, they located him in Medellin at the request of a person which is part of one of the largest cocaine trafficking organizations in Paraguay.

“The money, logistics and information to kill Marcelo Pecci would have been sent directly from Paraguay,” Correa assured the authorities.

In that country, Marser led a network dedicated to drug trafficking, along with Miguel Ángel Insfrán Galeano, who had a laundering mechanism through soccer clubs and churches. It was dismantled during the A Ultranza operation, carried out in Paraguay in February 2022.

The operations involved 107 raids and the seizure of more than 100,000,000 dollars, 98 properties, 28 vehicles, 10 light aircraft, 1 helicopter, 12 carts, 41 tractors, 48 ​​motorcycles and 7 boats, he reported. Telam.

The trigger for the murder

An arrest warrant against five of the seven Insfrán brothers, issued on April 22 of this year, triggered the planning of Pecci’s murder. That day the youngest of them was arrested: Conrado Ramon Insfrán Villalba. But the Paraguayan authorities denied that Pecci had made that request and assured that he was not carrying out that process.

Marset, also associated with the First Uruguayan Cartel, is a fugitive from Uruguayan justice.

He had been detained at the international airport in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, at the end of September last year. He was carrying a fake Paraguayan passport and, two months after his arrest, the Uruguayan Foreign Ministry granted him a new document that allowed him to obtain his freedom.

The Uruguayan undersecretary Guillermo Maciel explained in March of this year, in statements to the digital media Underlinedthat when the passport was delivered to Marset the requirement to review international criminal records was not in force From applicant.

Five people were identified for their involvement in the prosecutor’s crime, and security officers managed to arrest them on June 3, he reported. Time. Pecci was carrying out several investigations against Brazilian cartels and Paraguayan clans, in addition to a case against a former president of his country.

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