See the gentlemen of the day mocking by calling them nine, Shikhandi and Chandupote! Seema Vineeth

Transgender Seema Vineeth is active on social media. Seema openly expresses her position on all social issues. Seema shared that she had to face a lot of difficulties to live by revealing her identity. We are surrounded by a society that still hesitates to accept transgender people.

Seema Vineeth has now responded accurately to the crises she is facing from the society. The new Facebook note shared by the actor saying this is remarkable.

Look at this, the gentlemen of the day, who are still not dawning, who are mocking women, nine, Shikhandi, and Chantupota. There are those who pretend that old people are unwilling to accept and support all this.

Seema says that time is not that… In any era, only those who cannot see humans as human beings have realized that they can abuse and insult people like us.

Moreover, there is no such thing as old or new to be a human being. Seema has written on Facebook that this baby can end if he falls down. Many people have come in support of Seema.

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