Sergio del Boccio moves in the Grand Final of ‘La Voz’ with his version of ‘Rise like a phoenix’

Sergio del Boccio He has fallen in love with everyone present at the Grand Finale of ‘La Voz’ with a heartbreaking version of ‘Rise like a phoenix’ in which he has put all his soul and his immense art.

The talent has managed to reach the hearts of all those who have been able to see him on stage thanks to the tremendous passion that he has put into every note of his performance.

A Laura Pausini There was no more emotion in her body and she has conveyed to her finalist how tremendously proud she is of him and of his evolution in the contest. A magnificent moment!

Sergio’s staging has been most impressive. Laura Pausini has not hesitated to dedicate some precious words to her talent: “Sergio is always elegant, he is always delicate, but it is impressive because his elegance is in keeping with the song”, Laura has pointed out.

We have lived a very special moment between them, especially because it shows that Laura supports him a lot: “Her heart is the representation of how she dresses,” he added.

For his part, Sergio wanted to thank Laura for everything she has done for him: “I admire you very much, thank you for the opportunity”, he said very emotionally.

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