Shanghai Anti-epidemic | Customized personalized solutions, opened up green credit channels, Shanghai banking industry took multiple measures to support the “flow” of freight logistics, helping enterprises to ensure labor and production_SME_epidemic_guarantee

Original title: Shanghai Anti-epidemic | Customized personalized solutions, opened up green credit channels, Shanghai banking industry took multiple measures to support the “flow” of freight logistics, helping enterprises to maintain labor and production

At the critical stage of Shanghai’s epidemic prevention and control, major banking institutions took multiple measures to actively meet demand, flexibly innovate products, support freight and logistics to ensure smooth and smooth, help small and medium-sized enterprises to relieve difficulties, fully guarantee the supply of people’s livelihood materials, and fight against the epidemic. Contribute to the overall situation.

Support freight logistics to ensure smooth flow

On April 15, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission issued the “Notice on Financial Support for the Safe and Unimpeded Work of Freight Logistics”, requiring all bureaus of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission and banking and insurance institutions to provide strong and effective support for the promotion of safe and smooth freight and logistics.

It is reported that Shanghai Qingpu area is the headquarters of major logistics companies. At the beginning of the epidemic, the ICBC Shanghai Yangtze River Delta Integration Demonstration Zone Sub-branch, which is under the jurisdiction of Qingpu area, set up an emergency support team. Logistics companies in the region have handled more than 60 urgent financial needs. Up to now, ICBC Shanghai Yangtze River Delta Integration Demonstration Zone Sub-branch has provided more than 500 million yuan of financing for logistics enterprises.

Yuanheng Logistics, Shengguo Logistics, Shuaixin Logistics, Nongyuan Logistics, Haihai Logistics and Zhizhi Logistics, etc., have undertaken a large number of anti-epidemic and civilian material transportation and distribution tasks during the epidemic period. There is a large demand for funds in terms of single fee and guaranteed employee wages. Agricultural Bank of China Shanghai Branch has customized personalized financial service plans according to customer needs, increased credit fund support and preferential policies, and served the people’s livelihood. “Finally” one kilometer” contribution.

Bank of Shanghai has also continued to increase financial assistance in the transportation industry, using the “Commercial Vehicle Loan” service to provide financial support for special groups such as long-distance logistics truck drivers, urban distribution operators, and individual industrial and commercial households to purchase various types of commercial vehicles. Transportation industry employees, especially truck drivers, in areas severely affected by the epidemic have formulated differentiated measures to provide relief to meet their emergency loan or special repayment needs. Up to now, Bank of Shanghai has provided related services to more than 43,000 truck drivers, with a credit support balance of nearly 4 billion yuan.

In addition, Shanghai Zhitai Logistics Co., Ltd. undertakes the cold chain and normal temperature distribution tasks of convenience food, beverages and daily necessities sold by more than 1,000 supermarkets such as Shanghai Hualian Supermarket and Lawson Convenience Store. As the epidemic situation became more severe, the company temporarily increased the number of vehicles and personnel employed, and the fuel cost also skyrocketed. China Construction Bank Shanghai Caoyang Sub-branch recommended Small and Micro Quick Loans to Zhitai, and immediately applied for a loan amount of 2.46 million yuan and spent it in full, injecting financial impetus into the supply of citizens.

Similarly, since March, HS Logistics Group has seen a sharp increase in its operating capital needs, and is in urgent need of new withdrawals. Industrial Bank Shanghai Branch completed various approval procedures such as the implementation of guarantee procedures, the signing of loan contracts, and loan interest rates within a week, with a total investment of nearly RMB 110 million, which solved the urgent need for funds of HS Logistics Group. It is understood that since the current round of the epidemic, Industrial Bank Shanghai Branch has issued a total of about 1.6 billion yuan in financing for logistics, shipping and transportation companies.

In early April, Shanghai Zhengming Modern Logistics Co., Ltd. also requested a loan of 25 million yuan from Bank of Communications Shanghai Jing’an Sub-branch. The bank completed the credit approval for the company ahead of time, ensuring that it meets the needs of the company as soon as possible and prepares relevant loan documents.

In order to protect the supply of agricultural products, Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank customized a credit plan for Shanghai Qiangfeng Industrial Co., Ltd., which participated in the government’s epidemic prevention and control of living materials, opened up a green credit channel, and issued a loan of 10 million yuan to the company to meet its funds during the epidemic demand, help it provide more than 60,000 guaranteed gift packages to each closed community every day. It is worth mentioning that on April 21, the bank also issued an announcement saying that it decided to donate 10 million yuan through the Guotai Junan Public Welfare Foundation to purchase epidemic prevention materials to support the frontline of epidemic prevention and control in Shanghai, and ensure the necessary materials for epidemic prevention and the lives of residents. Necessary materials.

Finance helps enterprises to ensure work and production

A few days ago, Shanghai issued the first batch of “white list” notices for key enterprises, and will focus resources to give priority to ensuring the resumption of work and production of 666 key industrial enterprises in key industries such as integrated circuits, automobile manufacturing, equipment manufacturing, and biomedicine to ensure the supply chain of the industrial chain. Stable and smooth.

Blue Whale Finance learned that a supply chain management company in Shanghai mainly provides intelligent equipment operation and maintenance services, digital supply chain services and industrial product supply solutions for manufacturing enterprises. Since March, the Shanghai Pudong New Area of ​​Postal Savings Bank of China has provided the enterprise with a total of 8 million yuan in technology performance loans, helping the enterprise to mobilize supply chain resources and supply epidemic prevention materials to the community and the front line of epidemic prevention.

A cotton and textile commodity trader in Shanghai supplies raw material-cotton to several mask manufacturers. In the early stage of this round of the epidemic, in order to avoid the adverse impact of fluctuations in the spot price of bulk commodities, the company locked the price in advance and signed a cotton trade procurement contract. Therefore, enterprises are eager for banks to complete relevant business processes as soon as possible. To this end, Shanghai Branch of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank quickly implemented the business processes of issuing L/C, presentation, acceptance, etc., and successfully completed the loan under the forfaiting package of 70 million yuan on the day of approval. It relieves the pressure of capital turnover for enterprises and effectively guarantees the stability of the mask production and supply chain.

Jingxi Heavy Industry (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research and development and manufacture of brake system components, providing supporting facilities for self-owned brand passenger cars, joint venture brand passenger cars, and new energy vehicles of large automobile groups. And one of the few companies that research and develop. Due to the short-term capital needs, Zheshang Bank Shanghai Branch successfully invested 30 million yuan through online collaboration and remote approval, which solved the urgent need for enterprises to maintain work and production during the epidemic. According to statistics, since the current round of the epidemic, Zheshang Bank Shanghai Branch has directly issued loans of nearly 800 million yuan for anti-epidemic medical care, production of residents’ living materials, and related logistics and transportation.

Sanyou Biopharmaceutical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. leverages its professional expertise in antibody drug research and development and services, and organizes employees to assist in the detection of nucleic acid detection points. After learning that the company is raising funds to purchase the reagents and consumables and employee anti-epidemic supplies needed for the next stage of production, Bank of China Shanghai Branch optimized the approval process and accelerated the approval process through remote video witnesses, and timely provided the company with more than 7 million yuan in loan funds to effectively protect the company. Funds for epidemic prevention and stable production and operation.Return to Sohu, see more


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