Shen Yun Berlin’s two sold-out performances The audience is grateful and looks forward to seeing you next year | Chinese classical dance | A combination of Chinese and Western musical instruments | Potsdamer Platz Theater in Berlin, Germany

[The Epoch Times, January 08, 2023](Reported by the Epoch Times Berlin Press Station) On the afternoon and evening of January 7, 2023,Potsdamer Platz Theater in Berlin, Germany(Theater am Potsdamer Platz), waiting for admissionShen YunThere was a long queue of audiences for the performance, and the end of the queue went all the way to the opposite road. There were also a large number of spectators walking towards the theater along the road, and friends who knew each other greeted each other warmly, asking “you go to see it too” on one side, and “yes, all of you to watch it” on the other side. Everyone tacitly and with smiles all over their faces knew that they were going to watch the world-renowned Shen Yun performance.

that day,Shen YunUniversal Art Troupe brought the audience the ninth and tenth performances of this year’s tour in Berlin, which are also the last two performances.

Shen Yun reproduces the nearly lost Chinese divine culture with pure, kind and beautiful stage art. When the host introduced that since its establishment in 2006, Shen Yun has developed into eight art troupes of the same size and are performing on a world tour at the same time, the audience applauded enthusiastically. When the host mentioned that Shen Yun brings new programs to the audience every year, the audience applauded again. The audience in Berlin expressed their sincere love for Shen Yun through applause and cheers.

At the end of the performance, Shen Yun artists took three curtain calls, and the lights of the theater were turned on. The audience was reluctant to leave their seats and continued to applaud. Some viewers told the staff in tears, thanking Shen Yun for the spiritual feast and looking forward to seeing you next year.

Shen Yun conveys Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance aerospace experts: This is the most important value

On the afternoon of January 7, 2023, Dr. Holger Kuhn, a fuel cell system expert at the German Aerospace Research Center, watched the ninth performance of the American Shen Yun Global Art Troupe at the Potsdamer Platz Theater in Berlin with his family. (New Tang Dynasty Television)

Dr. Holger Kuhn, a fuel cell system expert at the German Aerospace Research Center, watched the Shen Yun performance with his family, and he was always smiling during the interview.

Talking about his impression of the whole performance, Kuhn said, “It is very beautiful and exciting. I really like the whole atmosphere of those dance dramas, including costumes and flowing ribbons. Everything is so beautiful and smooth. There are many beautiful pictures It’s engraved in my heart.”

He said, “All the stories (in the dance drama) are impressive, and the commentary (by the host) can help people understand the story better, understand what they are seeing and what the story is telling. But I feel that even without the commentary , and people can understand these stories.”

Kuhn also remembered the words “Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance” displayed on the stage. He said, “It’s these three words (Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance). In my opinion, these are three very important basic values ​​in the world. I think it is very important and crucial to fight for and stand up for this. “

He thought that the anti-CCP persecution program presented in the show was cleverly arranged, “This kind of information is just right, I think people have understood what happened. Of course, the show is exciting, there is no doubt about it.”

This time Kuhn brought the two children to watch the performance together. He said that the children also liked Shen Yun very much and were very fascinated.

They also like Shen YunA combination of Chinese and Western musical instrumentsAfter the performance, I went to the front to watch the orchestra pit. “The children are very fascinated by it.” He said, “The two-stringed traditional Chinese instrument (erhu), the sound, my daughter and I closed our eyes and held our breath to listen. , is so fascinating.”

Famous Austrian cellist: completely attracted by Shen Yun

Shen Yun Berlin's two sold-out performances ended. The audience is grateful and looks forward to seeing you next year
On the evening of January 7, 2023, cellist Natalie Gal and her daughter Katrin Gal watched the tenth performance of the American Shen Yun Global Art Troupe at the Potsdamer Platz Theater in Berlin. (Nancy McDonnell/The Epoch Times)

“The performance is really extraordinary!” Austrian cellist Natalie Gal praised.

Natalie Gal has both artistic talent and organizational talent. In addition to being a cellist player, she is also a Gamben (an ancient instrument similar to the cello) player. She is also general manager of Austria’s largest competition for young musicians and director of European ancient dance groups.

She appreciated Shen Yun’s extraordinary artistic expression, and believed that the display of gods, Buddhas and heaven in the performance “is a brand-new way of presentation. The real world on the stage and the world of Buddha in the sky are intertwined, which is unforgettable.”

She said that Shen Yun’s dynamic sky screen is “very attractive and refreshing.” She also likes Shen Yun’s colors very much, thinking that those beautiful colors are “very positive and create a lot of emotions”.

Natalie Gal appreciates Shen Yun’s performances with perfect stage art to reproduce the essence of traditional Chinese culture, “It’s like a musical language, with rich colors and dance movements, we can see that this (Shen Yun) is very different Art form. The emotions expressed are extremely rich and imaginative.”

Katrin, who often watched ballets and concerts with her mother, was deeply attracted to Shen Yun for the first time. She said, “The performance is intoxicating, she uses music and dance to tell the story very vividly, without any words, just expressing emotions through body language, which is fascinating.”

Katrin is an illustrator for a publishing house, drawing books, movies and video games. She said Shen Yun’s use of color left a deep impression on her, “From the perspective of color, the tone of the clothing reflects many things, such as the positioning of the characters in the story. Shen Yun’s clothing always combines natural primary colors to some extent, So very positive and engaging.”

She was amazed by the superb skills of the Shen Yun dancers, “It’s so charming and extremely attractive that people can’t take their eyes off, are deeply attracted, and are completely taken into another world—the world of Chinese (traditional) culture.”

Former German Rugby Champion Views Shen Yun: Maybe Everyone in the World Is a God

Shen Yun Berlin's two sold-out performances ended. The audience is grateful and looks forward to seeing you next year
On the evening of January 7, 2023, former German rugby champion Matthias Engisch watched the tenth performance of Shen Yun Global Art Troupe at the Potsdamer Platz Theater. (Yu Ping/The Epoch Times)

“Shen Yun is very beautiful, and the sky background is very good, the colors are gorgeous, and the beauty is too beautiful.” Matthias Engisch praised.

Engisch is a former German rugby national team and first division team player and first division team coach. He has won the German championship three times and the European championship twice. He is currently working in the management of Volkswagen.

Engisch said, “At the beginning of the show, we saw that we are all gods and came to the earth together, so we have humans, which I didn’t know before. Maybe we were all gods in the sky and came to the earth. On. Although we have our own strengths and weaknesses, maybe we are all gods.”

Shen Yun exposed the CCP’s crimes of live organ harvesting and human rights abuses in the program, which also touched him, “We were deeply touched. We have been paying attention to this topic in the past two years.”

Talking about Shen Yun’s team spirit, Engisch said, “As soon as the curtain opened, as a manager, I immediately noticed how everything worked together harmoniously. This is where the team spirit lies.”

He further said, “Everyone has different views, different sensitivities, and I think we have to work together, and everyone should have room to develop his individuality, while remaining a whole.”

Engisch said that he wanted to see Shen Yun a few years ago, but he was unable to make the trip. Today he is very happy to come to see Shen Yun as he wished. The former rugby champion was very intoxicated by the traditional Chinese culture displayed by Shen Yun, “I think the beauty of traditional Chinese culture is that there are many different gods in China, which is really fascinating. In our Christian belief, there is only one God. There are so many gods in Chinese culture, I think it’s really wonderful. It’s really beautiful to see these.”

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