7 Must-Have Items for Dance Stars (Video) Huang Jingzhou | Shen Yun | Shen Yun Dancers | Dance Three Musketeers | Baoyuan |

2023-08-20 18:09:00 7 must-have items for Shen Yun stars, feat. Huang Jingzhou. (Image source: video screenshot) See Chinese websites prohibit the establishment of mirror sites. Return to the genuine version to see the Chinese website. Do you all remember, “Dancing Three Musketeers”Baoyuan、Pu Yu、Zhichengand multipleShen Yun Danceronce shared their must-have items for the tour.today’s episodeThere will … Read more

good news! The 2023 Shen Yun Gala has not yet been performed, but it will be hot in New York with additional performances at Lincoln Center (Photos) New Jersey |

Shen Yun was very popular in New York, and the audience was so enthusiastic that Lincoln Center decided to add three performances. (Source: shenyun.com) See Chinese websites prohibit the establishment of mirror sites. Return to the genuine version to see the Chinese website. [Look at China, April 1, 2023 News]This year’s “2023Shen Yunparty“From April 6th … Read more

Dance Changed Her Life (Video) – Qin Ge – Shen Yun Dancers – Shen Yun – Dancers – Flowing Clouds and Flowing Water – Cultural Talk – – Watch China Net

Shen Yun dancer Qin Ge. (Image source: video screenshot) More than ten years of dance career has already made dance deeply embedded in Shen Yun dancer Qin Ge’s life and has become an indispensable part. Along the way, laughter was accompanied by sweat and tears. The boring and arduous training not only polished her body, … Read more

Shen Yun Berlin’s two sold-out performances The audience is grateful and looks forward to seeing you next year | Chinese classical dance | A combination of Chinese and Western musical instruments | Potsdamer Platz Theater in Berlin, Germany

[The Epoch Times, January 08, 2023](Reported by the Epoch Times Berlin Press Station) On the afternoon and evening of January 7, 2023,Potsdamer Platz Theater in Berlin, Germany(Theater am Potsdamer Platz), waiting for admissionShen YunThere was a long queue of audiences for the performance, and the end of the queue went all the way to the … Read more

The singer was moved to tears watching Shen Yun: We need to wake up and save ourselves | Singer | Divinity | San Jose Performing Arts Center

[The Epoch Times, January 02, 2023](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Zhou Rong from San Jose, USA) Classical music singer and fashion model Anna Muravitskaya said after watching the performance,Shen YunThe beautiful performance made her cry, “Shen Yun is really beautiful. When I watched the performance, I kept crying because the show is so beautiful.” On … Read more

All seven performances in Paris are full of artists praised Shen Yun as a miracle | Creator | Bright | Paris International Convention Center

[The Epoch Times, May 14, 2022](Reported by the Epoch Times, Paris, France) On the evening of May 13,Shen Yunnew york art troupeParis International Convention Center(Palais des Congrès de Paris) staged the last show of the season in Paris, and the theatre was full again. Since May 5,Shen Yunnew york art troupeParis International Convention CenterWith seven … Read more

Shen Yun London is full of additional seats, praised by the British film and television art circles | Traditional Culture | Chinese Classical Dance | London Hammersmith Apollo Theatre

[The Epoch Times, March 13, 2022](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Mai Lei in London, UK) March 12, 2022,Shen Yunworld art troupe in ukHammersmith Apollo Theatre, London(London Eventim Apollo) performed two performances, both of which were sold out, and Shen Yun artists made two curtain calls. Every time the host introduced Shen Yun Orchestra, the atmosphere … Read more

Salt Lake City Shows Full of “Shen Yun Brings Light to the World” | Dance | Traditional Chinese Culture | George Dolores Dole Eccles Theater in Salt Lake City

[The Epoch Times, March 13, 2022](Reported by Epoch Times reporters Yiran Chen and Lili Yu from Salt Lake City, USA)Shen YunNew Era Art Troupe on March 12 (Saturday) afternoonGeorge Dolores Dole Eccles Theater, Salt Lake City(George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Theater) the fourth performance was full, with thunderous applause and occasional laughter from the … Read more