Now, back to Hakoneji! Relocation and new construction of athlete student dormitory PJ (Chuo Gakuin University Ekiden Club) (Yuji Kawasaki (Chuo Gakuin University Ekiden Club Manager) Yoshiaki Omura (Chuo Gakuin University President) Released 2023/09/04) – Crowdfunding READYFOR

2023-09-04 10:20:05 Now is the only time to restart. Now, back to Hakone Road. The Chuo Gakuin University Ekiden Club has been participating in the Hakone Ekiden for 18 consecutive years since acquiring the first seed right. In recent years, the environment surrounding the competition has improved dramatically, and the level of competition has also … Read more

‘Sensational Controversy’ Jennie’s debut film ‘The Idol’, season 2 canceled

2023-08-29 10:22:49 Reporter Maara, Money Today | 2023.08.29 19:22 Group BLACKPINK Jennie /AFPBBNews=News The HBO series ‘The Idol’, which was embroiled in controversy over sensationalism every episode, could not lead to season 2 after all. On the 28th (local time), American media Variety reported that production of Season 2 of ‘The Idol’ had been cancelled. … Read more

YouTube’s New Policy: Crackdown on Account Copying and Content Imitation to Protect Creators and Brands

2023-06-25 02:01:48 In order to protect the rights and interests of creators and brands, YouTube will implement a new policy from August 21st to crack down on copying other people’s YouTube accounts, uploading the same content, and prohibiting imitation of existing news channels or other people’s comments. YouTube announced earlier that it is expected to … Read more

Netflix CEO Sirandos Avoids Immediate Comments on Network Fees

2023-06-22 03:42:44 Investing 3.2 trillion won in Korean content production over the next 4 years” “Twice the amount announced so far from 2016… Support for next-generation creators” “We need to cooperate with ISP-CP for a better creative ecosystem” to a question about network usage fees Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos makes an announcement at a press … Read more

“ZV-1 II: The Ultimate Weapon for Content Creators – Review by KT Bangkok IT Business”

2023-05-29 06:46:00 while content creator Is becoming a career that has received attention from the new generation. But many people still don’t know what equipment to use to help create great content with quality that can lead creators to the top of content creators. KT Review Bangkok IT business Let’s get to know the creator’s … Read more

Zhang Wenqi reported the good news “it can finally be exposed” was caught 1 mistake and collapsed: I went… I confide my heart|Entertainment| CTWANT

2023-04-23 11:18:24 Zhang Wenqi invested in a side business selling salted crispy chicken, and the business was very impressive. (Photo/Reposted from Zhang Wenqi Shiny Facebook) Actress Zhang Wenqi has debuted for 13 years and is a familiar face in various variety shows. Apart from being busy with performing arts, she often returns to her hometown … Read more

A creator builds the entire universe in Minecraft

Minecraft, creator, construction, build, universe, milky way, galaxy, galaxy, ChrisDaCow, video, unusual, huge, project, awesome, reddit Minecraft creators have no limits anymore. This user decided to make… the entire universe in Mojang’s game. We used to see crazy constructions on Minecraft, such as known buildings (Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, etc.), even entire countries or fictional … Read more