Shocking Incident: Woman Hits Daughter with Bench Over Ice Cream Stain – Exclusive Video Footage!

2023-09-17 01:43:20

Because her clothes were stained by her daughter’s ice cream, the woman hit her daughter with a bench. (Picture/reproduced from Weibo)

An exaggerated incident recently occurred in a store in Changsha, Hunan, China, where a mother hit her daughter with a bench in public. Because the mother’s behavior was so exaggerated, people on the side stopped her and immediately called the police. The mother was so angry because her clothes were stained by her daughter’s ice cream.

According to Chinese media reports, the incident occurred on the 14th. At that time, a woman with two hands full of loot was walking in the store with her daughter. The daughter accidentally knocked over the ice cream in her hand and even soiled her mother’s clothes.

Originally, the problem could be solved by simply wiping it. Unexpectedly, the woman suddenly lost control and pushed her daughter to the ground immediately. After that, she dropped the things on her hands and picked up a chair on the ground to hit her daughter. Because the woman’s behavior was so exaggerated, and her daughter’s cry for help, people on the side were immediately attracted. When some people saw it, they rushed to stop the woman’s behavior and notified the police.

Although the report did not disclose the fate of the woman or how the police subsequently handled the incident. However, in the video, you can vaguely see two police officers standing behind the girl to comfort her. Not far away, you can see a woman who is suspected of being handcuffed by the police. It is speculated that the police may have arrived at the scene. The woman was suspected of attacking the police again, which resulted in the police cuffing her on the spot.

An out-of-control woman who appears to be handcuffed by the police. (Picture/reproduced from Weibo)
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