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Original title: Shougang regrouped on the 23rd, whether Xie Libin temporarily led the team to “righteousness” is still inconclusive

The Beijing Shougang team will again focus on preparing for the new season on the 23rd. Since the new head coach still has no clear results, after the team is reassembled, assistant coach Xie Libin will temporarily lead the team for training. Whether the Shougang team will “righteousness” Xie Libin as the team’s head coach in the new season is still unclear. But it’s one of the team’s options.

The Shougang team had a poor performance this season, and was upset and eliminated by the Jilin team in the first round of the playoffs. At the end of the season, the head coach Yannis, who had been coaching for five years, offered to resign, and he no longer served as the team head coach. The Shougang team is facing the problem of selecting coaches. In the past month or so, some coaches suggested themselves, including some well-known coaches and foreign coaches. The Shougang Team has also learned about the information of relevant coaches through multiple channels and methods, and has also been in contact with some coaches. But so far, there has been no substantial progress in the selection of coaches. The Shougang team has always been very cautious in selecting coaches, and they are the same this time. Only after the candidates for the coaches are determined, the follow-up work, including the renewal of domestic players and the selection of foreign aid, can truly be carried out one after another.

The Shougang team members returned to the team on the 22nd and resumed training on the 23rd to prepare for the new season. Since there is no confirmed candidate for the current coach, the task of temporarily leading the team for training is handed over to assistant coach Xie Libin. At the same time, assistant coach Li Ang and technical development coach Lauren will serve as Xie Libin’s right-hand man to complete the task of leading the team training together.

The candidate for the new head coach of the Shougang team is still unclear, but Xie Libin is undoubtedly one of the candidates. Xie Libin served as Yanis’ assistant for almost five years after retiring. During this period, Xie Libin became the team’s interim coach in the 2019 rematch, when Xie Libin led the team to the semi-finals. Last season, the Shougang team changed coaches halfway through, and Xie Libin was ordered again in danger and became the team’s interim coach, helping the team through that difficult period. As a young coach, Xie Libin already has a certain amount of accumulated and practical experience, and also has enough understanding of the team, so he is indeed a good candidate.

In the past few years of CBA, many young coaches have gradually occupied the stage and have achieved outstanding results in leading the team. This includes Yang Ming, Wang Bo, Liu Weiwei, etc. These coaches have several characteristics in common: They have been on the same team for many years and have enough knowledge and deep affection for the team. At the same time, they also started from teaching assistants in the process of transformation and continued to learn and accumulate. Since then, after officially picking up the pointer, he has completed a relatively successful transformation.

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