#ShowerOrange: That’s why everyone is eating oranges in the shower right now

“Life changing”

That’s why everyone’s eating oranges in the shower right now

For the latest Tiktok trend, grab an orange and eat it in the shower. This should make you happy, motivate you and prevent stress.


The hashtag #ShowerOrange has 7.6 million views on Tiktok: Eating oranges in the shower is said to reduce stress.


A refreshing orange than Vitamin-C-Booster can make your day – if only it weren’t for that sticky juice that likes to run down your chin and hands. A new trend on Tiktok seems to have found the solution: users buy oranges directly under the shower consumed and provided videos with the hashtag #ShowerOrange.

The main reason for the hype is probably not just the practical side effect that the orange juice washed off at the same time as it is eaten. According to Tiktok users, eating an orange in the shower is “a life-changing experience.”

A motivating feeling

Tiktok user Austin Otier explains in his video that under a hot shower, the heat and humidity enhances the taste and smell of the orange, and that the smell of citrus fruit is linked to reducing stress. With these statements he achieved more than seven million views.

Userin Makenzy Smith claims that the scent of oranges in the shower motivates her and makes her feel like she can do anything that day. But there are also skeptics: User Veljko does not seem convinced after his test (see video below) – maybe because he uses cold water. He jokes he’s going to test a banana next.

However, the feedback is mainly positive: “I just tried it – my bathroom smelled wonderful and it was a magical experience. Ten out of ten points – would recommend it to everyone”, is one of them, “that changed my life”, another.

Known in Morocco and on Reddit

While fans share in the comments columns how life-changing the experience is, others are amused to note that this ritual is nothing new: “When we go to the hammam in Morocco, everyone brings clementines or oranges to eat. Should also be good for the circulatory system, »comments someone under Austin Otier’s video.

In Morocco, you take oranges to the hammam.

Getty Images/iStockphoto

Maybe that’s why the fact that there was already an exchange on Reddit in 2016 about showering with oranges. In the winter of 2016, a Redditor, whose account has since been deleted, posted that shower oranges were “the best feel-good experience you can have.” This post has since had tens of thousands sharing snaps of their peeled oranges in the shower, acknowledging the transformative power. This is now being continued on Tiktok.

What are the real benefits of the trend?

So far, there have been no conclusive studies to back up the claims that eating oranges in the shower increases happiness, motivation, or reduces stress. User Lily Rosenthal posts a suitable video for this.

However, Johan Lundstrom of the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia writes: “What I can imagine is that the heat disperses the orange odors better and this, together with the increase in mucosal moisture, makes the orange odor stronger in the mouth”. You just have to try it yourself.

Will you test the trend?

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