SIE Announces New PlayStation Plus Tiered Subscription Service, Including Game Subscription Service Annual Fee from NT$1,988#PS4 (175003)

SIE announced the new PlayStation Plus subscription service on the official PlayStation Blog earlier, which will expand from the current single subscription type to 3+1 subscriptions of different levels, including the second-tier PlayStation Plus Extra with an annual fee of NT$1,988 and the third-tier PlayStation Plus Plus Premium includes the previously rumored game subscription service, but the highest-end service offered in Taiwan is PlayStation Plus Deluxe, which does not include cloud streaming compared to PlayStation Premium. SIE expects to offer titles including Death Stranding, God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Mortal Kombat 11 and Returnal after launch Subscription level users use.

SIE is expected to officially introduce the new PlayStation Plus subscription service in some Asian countries starting in June this year. The PlayStation Plus Essential (basic) monthly fee is 198 yuan, the quarterly fee is 488 yuan, and the annual fee is 1,188 yuan; The quarterly fee is 808 yuan, the annual fee is 1,988 yuan; the PlayStation Deluxe (premium) is 338 yuan per month, 928 yuan quarterly, and 2,288 yuan per year.

▲ The new PlayStation Plus subscription is divided into 3+1 ways, including the rumored game subscription service in addition to the basic subscription

In the future, PlayStation Plus will consolidate the PlayStation Now streaming service, which is currently only available in certain regions, into three new subscription tiers, of which PlayStation Essential (basic) will enjoy the same benefits as the current PlayStation Plus, including two free per month. Downloading games, exclusive discounts, game cloud save space and connection rights for multiplayer online play will be included in the PlayStation Essential (basic) service for members who use PlayStation Plus at that time.

The three new tiers, PlayStation Extra, PlayStation Extra Premium and PlayStation Extra Deluxe on top of PlayStation Plus Essential, are new subscription tiers that combine game subscription services including PlayStation Plus Essential.

Among them, PlayStation Plus Extra mainly provides downloadable content subscriptions for new-generation console game content, and additionally enjoys 400 PS4 and PS5 game content in download mode, including PlayStation Studio works and partner works, of course, as the current PlayStation Plus subscription model. Like PlayStation Essentials, you will lose access to these subscription games if you cancel or switch to PlayStation Essential.

As for PlayStation Plus Premium and PlayStation Plus Deluxe, in addition to PlayStation Extra’s 400 games, an additional 240 games from older generation consoles will be added, including PlayStation, PS2, PSP and PS3 games, of which PlayStation 3 game content will be streamed. , as for PlayStation, PS2 and PSP content, it can be downloaded or streamed (Note: Streaming must be available in areas where PlayStation Now is currently available), and a limited-time game trial will also be provided.

The difference between PlayStation Plus Premium and PlayStation Plus Deluxe is whether to provide PlayStation Now streaming (which is also equivalent to whether to provide PS3 game content), including the United States, Europe and Japan, where PlayStation Now can be streamed on PS4, PS5 and computers For games, since PlayStation Now is not available in Asian regions such as South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia except Japan, PlayStation Plus Deluxe, which saves streaming services, is provided.

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