Silent All This Time, This Is A Warning From Nindy Ayunda


Nindy Ayunda reported related to cases of alleged detention and abuse. So far he has always been silent, Nindy Ayunda gave a warning.

Some time ago, the South Jakarta Police said that Nindy Ayunda had fulfilled the investigator’s summons. Nindy Ayunda meets the police call on the evening of July 28, 2022.

“Yes, it’s just N. Yes, it’s clear that N came, then he was asked for information. Still, still inside. Last night sister N Dayang went to the Resort Police to provide information so far,” said Head of Public Relations of the South Jakarta Metro Police AKP Nurma Dewi on Friday, July 29, 2022.



All this time silent, Nindy Ayunda finally spoke. He clarified the news which stated that he was forced to be picked up for being absent from the examination three times.

So far, I have been silent. I also know that some naughty media are paid to make news for me that is unfounded. You think I have no children and no family?? since when i was forced to pick up? since when did i stay?” wrote Nindy Ayunda seen on Sunday (31/7/2022).

Nindy Ayunda calling this a warning from him not to be careless.

Later, when I talk about all the lightning strikes that were burned, in Cipinang, in BSD, used in West Jakarta, Bintaro and surrounding areas, the fat ones in public toilets,” wrote Nindy Ayunda again.

Nindy Ayunda was reported by the wife of her former driver. Nindy Ayunda’s former driver, Sulaiman, admitted that he was under pressure and was not allowed to go home for 30 days.

This is the aftermath of the problem with Nindy Ayunda who feels that she is being spied on by Askara Parasady Harsono’s family. Apart from the driver, there is a former baby sitter whose son is also suspected of being a spy.

In the past, Sulaiman admitted that he was spying on Nindy Ayunda. Therefore, he was asked by Nindy to stay at the singer’s mother’s house first.

Until now, the case reported by Solomon’s wife Nindy Ayunda has entered the investigation stage.

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