Singapore’s first indigenous monkeypox case, patient in stable condition

(Central News Agency reporter Hou Ziying from Singapore on the 7th) Singapore’s first local monkeypox case, the Singapore Ministry of Health said that the patient is a 45-year-old Malaysian man living in Singapore. The patients are not related to the recently discovered cases of overseas immigration.

As the monkeypox epidemic spreads around the world, Singapore’s Ministry of Health issued a press release on the evening of the 6th saying that a local case of monkeypox infection had been confirmed, and the patient was a Malaysian man living in Singapore. The 45-year-old patient is currently admitted to the National Centre for Infectious Diseases and is in stable condition.

The health ministry said the indigenous case was not linked to the imported monkeypox case announced on June 21.

As of the 6th, the Ministry of Health has identified 3 close contacts of the local case, and all close contacts must be quarantined for 21 days from the date of their last contact with the confirmed case. The Ministry of Health continues to conduct contact tracing.

The Ministry of Health stated that the confirmed man developed lesions on the skin under the abdomen on June 30, and then developed fatigue and swollen lymph nodes on July 2. Two days later, he sought medical attention with symptoms of fever and sore throat. detection.

The Ministry of Health pointed out that contagion of monkeypox requires close physical contact or prolonged contact, so the risk of this infectious disease to the general public is still low at this time. (Editor: Chen Zhengjian) 1110707

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