“Smallpox” reveals the number of people infected with the Czech Republic, 4 of the most common symptoms. Update of monkeypox in Thailand.

(31 May 2022) update disease “Smallpox in Thailand“Recently, it has been confirmed that the disease has not been found.”monkey pox” In Thailand, the 4 most common Czech symptoms, while Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health As of May 30, 2022, there have been 494 cases of patients from all over the world.

for the disease”monkey pox” (Information as of 30 May 2022) is a contagious disease under surveillance. We are currently conducting surveillance and screening of travelers from abroad. where infected people are found closely part of the situation”Smallpox in Thailand” Recently, there has not been any confirmed cases.

the disease situation”monkey pox“Worldwide, the latest reports of 494 cases worldwide, with the outbreak still being transmitted from person to person. The vast majority of infected people were male and MSM.

The four most common symptoms are as follows:

1. 99% pustular rash, divided into 38% genital, 18% mouth, and 1% anus.

2.Fever 28%

3. Enlarged inguinal lymph nodes Myalgia 1%

4. Other symptoms

monkey pox It is caused by the Poxviridae family of viruses, found in many animals, not just monkeys, but also in rodents such as rabbits, squirrels, rats and small mammals.

animal-to-human contact

  • direct contact with secretions
  • pustules of infected animals
  • being scratched by an infected animal
  • eating insufficiently lefty and undercooked meat

person-to-person contact

  • Close contact with a patient through blistered skin respiratory secretions.
  • Patients have symptoms for about 2-4 weeks. Most patients recover from the disease on their own.

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