Monkey Smallpox Outbreak: Rising Cases and Risk Factors in Thailand

2023-09-03 20:29:39 “Monkey smallpox” in one month rose to 145 cases, including 316 Thai patients, the youngest being a 16-year-old male student, with a history of risking many sex partners. Today (September 3, 2023), Dr. Tares Krassanirawiwong The Director-General of the Department of Disease Control said that the latest situation of smallpox or smallpox in … Read more

Songkhla Province Reports First Case of Smallpox and Zika Warning – Latest News and Control Measures

2023-08-19 23:00:00 Sunday, August 20, 2023, 6:00 a.m. Songkhla found the first patient. smallpox 48 close contacts use strict control measures Warns of Zika transmission from mother to child Songkhla province found the first confirmed case of smallpox. mild symptoms As for the close contacts, there are 48 people. The province has carried out disease … Read more

Deadly Infectious Diseases: Smallpox, Anthrax, Rabies and Their Impact on Humanity

2023-08-04 23:23:39 [대한민국청소년의회 뉴스 / 김민정 기자] Let’s take a look at some of the deadliest infectious diseases that have threatened humanity. First, smallpox is an infectious disease caused by the largepox and smallpox viruses. It is transmitted through the respiratory tract and is highly contagious, with a mortality rate of up to 30%. The … Read more

The Forgotten Young Prince! ──Emperor Kangxi was not ordinary since he was a child | Emperor Kangxi | Kangxi | Xuan Ye | The longest reigning emperor | Norms | Foreign Envoys

[Voice of Hope February 8, 2023](Author: Ning Xiaoyan) Emperor Kangxi’s name is Aixinjueluo Xuanye, the longest reigning emperor in China, the emperor’s family’s childhood was not as happy as we imagined! He was Shunzhi’s third son. His father gave birth to him at the age of 17. According to the court rules at that time, … Read more

Department of Disease Control found 2 more monkeypox cases in Phuket, a Thai woman and a German man.

Department of Disease Control found a patientsmallpox monkeyAdded 2 more atPhuket A Thai woman – a German man This is the 9th and 10th confirmed case. (30 Sept.22) Dr. Opas Karnkawinpong Director-General of the Department of Disease Control Received a report from the Office of Disease Prevention and Control 11 Nakhon Si Thammarat. was diagnosed … Read more

Around the world, 60,320 cases of monkeypox are infected.

Xinhua news agency reported that on Sept. 20, 65, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The total number of confirmed cases of monkeypox is 24,000 nationwide (as of Sept. 19). The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says California currently has the highest number of monkey pox cases at 4,656, followed by … Read more