“Boost Cancer Survival with Daily Vitamin D: Latest Meta-Study Reveals Significant Results”

2023-05-14 09:02:00 According to a meta-study, the risk of death in cancer patients can be reduced by taking a small dose of vitamin D every day. Taking it reduced the mortality of cancer patients by an average of twelve percent. In contrast, the analysis of studies with high single doses had shown no effect on … Read more

Minsal expands target groups for bivalent vaccination amid criticism for low inoculation | National

Next Monday, January 16, people from the age of 50 will be included for vaccination with bivalent doses. Likewise, from the Minsal they announced that other target groups may also be inoculated from that date with this vaccine. In the midst of criticism from mayors and ex-authorities, due to coverage and low inoculation, this Thursday … Read more

“Shabu” .. addiction from the first dose! – Saudi News

Warnings continue, and serious potential dangers announced by specialists about a drug that is the most violent on the minds of its addicts and the fastest killing man has made to destroy his fellow man. (Shabu) is highly effective, quickly addictive from the first dose, and makes its users severe hallucinations. Hearingly, visually and tactilely, … Read more

Bivalent vaccine against covid: specialists accuse slowness and point to communication strategy | National

Specialists referred to the vaccination plan with a bivalent vaccine against covid, where they accused the slowness of the process and pointed to a “more aggressive communication strategy.” The detection of the BF.7 variant of the coronavirus in Chile, which comes from China and is highly contagiousput the country’s health authorities on alert. Although, the … Read more

get vaccinated now or wait for the bivalent

SUBSCRIBERS EXCLUSIVE The new version also protects against Ómicron and reduces infections. Other countries in the region advanced to have it, but in Argentina there are still no news. The will of the population to vaccinate against Covid was reactivated in the last two weeks from the increasingly marked rise in cases. However, there are … Read more

Monkey pox. The High Authority for Health seized on the interest of a second dose of

The monkey pox continues to worry the whole world and raise many questions. According franceinfo , the government would currently take stock of the epidemic in order to know whether or not it is necessary to recommend a second dose of vaccine to the target populations. The High Authority for Health (HAS) should be seized. … Read more