On Friday the payment of the installment of the first two months of 2024 – 2024-03-29 20:00:34

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Next Friday, March 29, 2024, OPECA will pay the first bimonthly installment of the A21 child allowance for 2024.

This payment of child benefit-A21 which is granted by OPECA concerns the first two months of 2024 (January – February 2024) and its amount is determined by the income declared by the beneficiaries for 2022.

The child benefit (A21) is granted by the first child and the total amount is determined by the number of dependent children and the family income category.

According to the newsit, the amount of the allowance amounts to 70 or 42 or 28 euros for each child for the first and second child per month, depending on the amount of income and to 140 or 84 or 56 from the third and for each subsequent child , per month.

For the granting of the child benefit, an electronic application is required, annually, through the IDIKA or OPECA website on the special platform, by the person liable to submit the income tax application or his wife using the taxisnet personal codes.

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