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When it comes to 5G, in addition to mobile communication services for mobile phones, “5G broadband” has become more popular in recent years, free of wires, suitable for people who live in village houses or housing companies who cannot use wires. In the end 5G SIM Plan and 5G broadband, should you choose? As the saying goes, only children have to choose, and I want them all! Why not BOTH? If you want to use 5G for both mobile phone and enterprise broadband, SmarTone has launched a “5G Double Fight” Plan, which includes mobile communication services and 5G broadband services with a monthly fee. For details, read below!

SmarTone launched the “5G Double Fight” plan!One-month all-inclusive 5G SIM Plan + 5G Broadband

SmarTone recently launched a “5G Double Fight” plan. The combined monthly fee starts at $318, and you can enjoy 5G broadband unlimited Internet access + 5G mobile phone SIM Plan unlimited Internet access at the same time. The 5G broadband service includes the cost of renting a router, and 5G The mobile phone SIM Plan service includes 50GB of full-speed 5G data, and after 50GB, you can continue to use it at a speed of 1Mbps for unlimited use.

If you think 50GB is too little, or 1Mbps unlimited Internet speed is not fast enough, you can pay a little more and choose a combination of $368. The 5G broadband service remains the same, but the 5G mobile phone SIM Plan includes 100GB of full-speed 5G data, and after 100GB After that, you can use it unlimitedly at a speed of 5Mbps, which is easier to use than 1Mbps. In addition, compared to the $318 Plan, the $368 Plan can also purchase additional 4.5G / 5G supplementary cards.

In addition, whether it is a $318 or $368 plan, the contract period is 30 months, and the $18 administrative fee has been waived, and Zoom / Teams is free of data subscription.


Is the “5G Double Fight” combo offer valid?

Is there any discounted price for this combination? It’s so simple. We usually launch SmarTone 5G SIM Plan like this. The lowest monthly fee for 30GB is $220, and the lowest monthly fee for 110GB is $298; and the lowest monthly fee for 5G broadband is $119 (without deducting for 6 months) Discount for monthly transfer), including renting the Router, it costs $184 per month. Just adding these two figures together, they cost $404 and $482 respectively. So no matter which combination of “5G double fight” you choose, it will be more affordable than “buying in bulk”.

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