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A beauty beyond words,
It happens in an instant,
but remain in memory forever;
A simple feeling of getting along,
But it makes people feel happy.

is a kind of confidence,
support our strength,
inspire us to overcome difficulties;
is a hope,
give us unlimited imagination,
Help us grow with passion.

when we give to others,
passed on to people,
It’s ordinary but inspiring.
most of the time,
I don’t need too many words,
No fancy embellishments needed,
just a shallow smile,
Maybe it’s a miracle.

is a reward for a friend,
Bring comfort to the weary,
Bring hope to the discouraged,
bring light to the pessimist,
Bring good medicine to the troubled.

sincere smile,
For a person,
Self-confidence, education, enthusiasm,
It is the attitude of being kind to others,
Is to cast a ray of sunshine to the soul,
Feel your honesty and trustworthiness,
Happy to communicate with you warmly.

It’s the teacher’s business card.
It is the landscape of education.
Educating people is a form of soul,
A good cause that nourishes life.
good business,
need people up,
everyone is kind,
everyone gives,
From the sky to the heart,
feel full of love,
delicate love,
warm love,
great love!

Just smile,
smile attentively,
you will find,
Life is so happy,
Teaching is so beautiful.
Love is the foundation of education,
Love is the starting point of education,
Love is also the destination of education.

Teachers have no love for students,
Like a singer without a voice,
The sound engineer lost his hearing,
All things grow like air without sunlight.
The teacher’s love for education,
love for students,
is a profession,
It’s a human instinct.
love students,
It is a natural expression from the inside out,
is a deep soul
devout love,
warm love,
Eternal love.

It is the external expression of teachers’ love for students.
is to give students closeness,
give students confidence,
Empower students.
A smile accompanies daily life,
Education will also become genial and splendid.

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