Snowfall and showers in the Kingdom this Thursday, January 27

This Thursday, January 27, snowfalls on the High Atlas and the South-East slopes, rains or showers on the South-East, the High and the Middle Atlas and scattered drops on the South of the Oriental, Chiadma and Souss.

The weather will be quite cold with local frost on the Atlas, the Rif, the Oriental and the South-East.

Sometimes quite strong gusts of wind will blow over Tangier and the north of the southern provinces.

The minimum temperatures will be around -05/02°C on the Atlas, 00/06°C on the South-East, the South of the Oriental and the Rif, 03/08°C on the North of the Oriental, the Saiss, the Phosphates and Oulmès plateaus, 13/20°C in the far south and 08/13°C elsewhere.

Maximum temperatures will be slightly decreasing or stationary.

The sea will be light to rough in the Mediterranean, rough to rough in the Strait and light to rough along the Atlantic coast.

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