So far 2.3 crore vaccines have been given

Dubai : So far 2.3 crore vaccine doses have been distributed in the UAE. In the last 24 hours, 32,775 more doses of the vaccine were distributed, according to the Ministry of Health and Immunization.

Pfizer chief executive Albert Bourle said booster doses should be taken for Kovid defense. The defense has been strengthened across the Gulf countries as the Kovid cases have escalated widely. In the UAE, 2,813 people were diagnosed with the disease on Sunday. This brings the total number of patients to 8,25,699. 1028 people who were under treatment were cured. The total cure is 7,68,343. The death toll rose to 2,214, with three more dead. New patients were identified from 5,17,107 Kovid tests. Currently, 55,142 Kovid patients are being treated in the country.

Kovid confirmed 3,087 more in Qatar. A total of 3,20,364 people were diagnosed with the disease. Another 4987 people who were undergoing treatment were cured in the country. A total of 2,80,800 people have been diagnosed with the disease so far. Currently, 38,931 people are in treatment. 22,253 new tests were performed. Kovid confirmed 4,535 more in Saudi Arabia. Two died. 5072 people were cured. Out of a total of 6,52,354 confirmed cases, 5,99,834 were cured. The total death toll is 8920. In Oman, 4166 cases were confirmed in three days. 2031 people were cured. The death toll rose to 4,128, with three more dead. 168 people are currently being treated in hospitals.

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