Specific training, exorbitant cost for the broadcaster: the underside of the 5-minute ‘match’ between RWDM and Eupen

2024-01-24 06:00:43

Another question, purely football-related: how do we prepare, mentally and especially physically, for a match – which is obviously of capital importance – but which will only last, in total, around ten minutes, added time included ? Eric Libois asked the question to Frédéric Renotte, physical trainer who has worked in Charleroi, Mechelen, Antwerp… and RWDM (!). Unsurprisingly, you have to try to grab your opponent by the throat from the start: “If I had to manage this kind of context, I would plan a hyper-explosive warm-up, using small repeated efforts. I also have the habit, before the kick-off, of finishing the warm-up with a series of short sprints in front of the stands of our noisiest supporters, to create overexcitement conditioning. Mentally, if I were a coach, I would opt for a lively speech, to transcend my players. These six minutes are like a tie-break (sic) : you have to get as much as possible from players over a very short period. Some are profiled for this type of effort, because they have a tougher and more brawling character. (sic) Other players are more diesels and need long minutes to gain strength: they will be poor replacements if they have to come into play to change a match… (sic) Finally, tactically, I think I would opt for immediate pressing to suffocate the opponent before he has reached his first breath…

Another specificity of this match (one more…), the recording system put in place for the TV broadcast will be exactly the same as last Sunday. For what ? So that the VAR referees, present in Tubize, have access to the images. Obviously, all this has a cost. How much ? Manu Jous asked the question to Jan Mosselmansdirector of programming and operations at Dazn in Belgium, and the answer is clear: 20,000 euros, or 4,000 per minute of play. We have known more profitable…

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