Teacher devoured by alligator while trying to swim across river in Cuando Cubango – news

A teacher, belonging to the Municipal Directorate of Education of Menongue, province of Cuando Cubango, lost her life last week, after being attacked by an alligator, when she tried to swim across the Cuebe River, the Service’s spokesperson told OPAÍS newspaper. local Civil Protection and Fire Department (SPCB)

It was supposed to be more than a normal day of teaching and learning. Teacher Maria, fictitious name, will have created, without a doubt, a lesson plan for the content she was set to transmit to her students.

However, the plans were not implemented, nor were the classes taught, due to the fact that the teacher made a decision riddled with errors, on her journey to the school, as considered by the head of the Institutional Communication and Press Office of SPCB-Cuando Cubango , Albano Cutarica.

The river is between the residence and the school, where the 26-year-old teacher was stationed. For this reason, she had the need to cross that water wealth every day. For this purpose, there are small boats.

However, that day, Albano Cutarica says that the teacher chose to shorten the path, crossing the Cuebe River with the strength of her arms, instead of walking another 500 meters to the canoe port and crossing to safety, using these means . “A teacher decided to swim across and was devoured.

So far, there are no traces of the body. She was taken by the alligator. She didn’t want to get to the canoeists, because it’s far away, so she decided to cross right there, but, unfortunately, the alligator appeared, attacked, and took her to the depths”, he added.

For the spokesperson for that body from the Ministry of the Interior, there is no doubt that the teacher’s decision was motivated by some feeling of laziness, which, unfortunately, ended up costing her life, in that river 70 kilometers from the municipal headquarters of Menongue . “We have reached the height of laziness.

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The teacher saw that the river’s flow was a little low, because it only reached below the waist, and decided to cross. So far, there are no traces of the body,” she stressed.

On the other hand, he mentioned that laziness is a widespread feeling among the people of the province, as another citizen was attacked by an alligator, when she was washing her clothes in an area of ​​the river without a metal fence, while there is a community laundry 400 meters away. meters from your house.

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