Squid Game: The Challenge Participants Threaten Lawsuit Against Netflix for Injuries

2023-11-24 14:56:53

Published24. November 2023, 3:56 p.m

Worse twist: “Squid Game” participants want to sue Netflix

Participants who are said to have injured themselves while filming the Netflix reality show “Squid Game: The Challenge” are demanding compensation.

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Participants in “Squid Game: The Challenge” are again accusing Netflix of suffering injuries during filming due to poor standards.


Since yesterday you can stream “Squid Game: The Challenge” on Netflix. Like the successful series from 2021, participants play dangerous children’s games – but this time they are people, not animations.


Those affected are demanding compensation for, among other things, hypothermia and nerve damage and are threatening to sue.


That’s what it’s about

At the beginning of the year there were already media reports about difficult conditions for the “Squid Game” adaptation.

Two candidates are again making allegations, demanding compensation and threatening to sue.

Since yesterday you can stream “Squid Game: The Challenge” on Netflix.

Following previous media reports about difficult conditions on the set of the reality TV competition “Squid Game: The Challenge,” in which 456 players compete for prize money of $4.56 million, two candidates have so far made further allegations and are demanding one Compensation.

The British law firm “Express Solicitors”, which specializes in personal injury, was commissioned to do this. Contestants claim they suffered injuries – including hypothermia and nerve damage – while filming the new show due to poor standards. A statement said that letters had been written on behalf of the allegedly injured participants: “As we were told, they pushed the boundaries of safety in the name of entertainment. Production companies must ensure that health and safety standards in their shows do not pose a risk to people.”

As the industry magazine “The Hollywood Reporter” reports, “Express Solicitors” is currently representing two candidates, but is in contact with others. We are currently collecting further evidence and will also file a lawsuit if necessary.

Filming was said to have been an “icy nightmare”.

There were already media reports about the shooting at the beginning of the year. When filming in Great Britain, the participants had to endure temperatures of around minus three degrees Celsius, as the tabloid “The Sun” reported in January, citing participants. It was an “icy nightmare” and at least one exhausted candidate allegedly had to be carried away on a stretcher, according to an eyewitness.

Some participants were no longer able to move their feet due to the icy cold. But because there was a lot of money at stake, no one wanted to give up. One of the players also suffered a shoulder injury when he collided with a wall.

Netflix confirms medical care for “Squid Game: The Challenge”

In February, “Rolling Stone” spoke of “inhumane conditions.” At least ten people are said to have collapsed during filming. During the “red light, green light” game known from the template, the candidates spent “up to nine hours in an ice-cold hangar”.

Netflix itself confirmed to “Sun” that three participants had to receive medical care, but emphasized that only minor injuries occurred. Reports of serious injuries do not correspond to reality, according to the streaming giant. In addition, the participants were aware of the low temperatures and paramedics were always present.

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