“statiegeld” deposit of 15 cents on cans, starting next week

Throwing an empty can in the trash or on the street will soon cost money. From April 1, after large and small plastic bottles, there will also be a deposit on cans that the government has set at 15 cents, writes NOS.

According to the original plan, the deposit for the cans should have started as early as January 1st but the system was not yet ready. Hester Klein Lankhorst, director of Afvalfonds Verpakkingen, tells NOS that it was an “incredible operation”, but by now all preparations have been made to collect the deposit on the cans.

There are about 5,000 supermarkets that collect the empty cans and the same machines that collect the bottles can be used. In addition to supermarkets, other collection points, as many as 22,000, are located at petrol stations, NS stations and sports clubs.

Recyclable cans have a different barcode and can be recognized by a deposit logo. However, one detail it must be taken into account: to get the 15 cents back for the can, it is better to keep it intact. The barcode must be legible and a crushed can will not be accepted by the machine.

“We will all have to get used to him emptying the jar completely and not squeezing it completely, so that the barcode can still be read,” says Klein Lankhorst. With this operation, it is estimated that 70/90% of the empty cans should disappear from the environment.

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